Review: Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet does well at addressing a number of the aforementioned issues

Making the choice of where to store one’s crypto currency holdings is important to one’s experience of the digital currencies. By this we mean security, accessibility and of course ease of use. Trust Wallet is one such candidate.

The world of digital assets can be quite intimidating to the novice when seeing very long wallet addresses (the crypto equivalent to the bank account), hearing about exchange hacks, private keys, web3 and terminology like, ERC2O and ERC 223. It’s quite a lot to take in, especially for one who isn’t too keen on the technical side of things.

Trust Wallet does well at addressing a number of the aforementioned issues.

What Is Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is a mobile crypto currency storage wallet that was aquired by digital assets exchange powerhouse, Binance, in 2018.

The wallet app was designed with ease of use and security (Trust Wallet does not hold your private keys) as the primary objectives of the team behind it. Additionally, Trust Wallet offers the user anonymity as it will not require any personal information from the user before it’s ready to use.

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It can be downloaded for use on Android and iOS devices. Another very neat feature is that Trust Wallet has an in-app DApp browser that let’s users surf the Web3 – directly on the app. 

A Closer Look at The Features

First up, the wallet is free to download and supports all Ethereum build tokens. Yes, all tokens/coins developed on the Ethereum platform can be stored on Trust Wallet. What’s even better than this is that the user is not able to purchase crypto currency directly through the app via it’s support for card payment.

Additionally, it also gives users the option of  collecting all their airdropped ERC20/223 tokens from a unified Ethereum wallet address. 

Trust Wallet also offers the option of staking on a number of the PoS tokens/coins that are supported. These include the most popular like, Cosmos (ATOM), Algrand (ALGO), TRON (TRX) and Tezos (XTZ).

Trust Wallet puts an added focus on security with the back up facility. The user is able to back up wallet into an encrypted folder, which allows the user to restore their wallet in a matter of seconds.


  • Trust Wallet is blockchain agnostic. This means that is supports more than one blockchain. In fact, it supports all major blockchains.
  • Its permission less nature means that user is in full control of their holdings.
  • Simplistic and clutter free user interface make the crypto experience less daunting.
  • Built-in DApp browser for easier and safer web3 experience.
  • The wallet supports card purchases


  • It doesn’t support 2-factor authorization, which has become somewhat of a standard in the industry.


In conclusion, Trust Wallet is a user friendly and secure option to store your crypto holdings. To add to that, Binance is one of the most reputable crypto entities, giving Trust Wallet a bit of boost in term of credibility.

Trust Wallet clearly has mass adoption in mind as the integration of card purchases would indicate.

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