Marketing Solutions for Companies Working on a Deadline

If there's one industry out there that's fast-paced from Day 1, it's marketing.

Companies compete with each other to create campaigns that are effective, timely, and pull in results as quickly as possible. Marketers make use of new technologies to put out campaigns, and take information from those campaigns to put out even better ones in the future.

Previously on Bizz Nerd, we wrote about how to split marketing budgets between offline and online techniques. Understanding the right technique for your campaign is key to its success. But even the best-laid plans can go awry, and sometimes a company may find itself needing to launch a campaign on the fly. In those cases, businesses and marketers need to look for techniques that can be prepped and launched quickly for maximum effect. Below are a few online and offline techniques that can do just that.

Social Media Marketing

Multi-purpose, highly shareable, and highly trackable, social media marketing requires a level of authenticity and creativity that other marketing techniques don’t always hit. SmallBizGenius reports that there are over 3.5 billion active social media users in the world. This is a huge market that businesses need to take advantage of.

Not only that, social media marketing is incredibly fast and responsive. Launching a campaign on social media can be done within days or even hours, and the more shareable it is the easier it is to get your campaign off the ground. Plus, some social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook actually allow you to sync posts. This reduces launch and posting time, allowing you to focus on getting your message out there as fast as possible.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing might be a surprising contender for fast and effective marketing, but it’s not actually that hard to understand. Direct mail is effective because it brings your campaigns right to your customers’ doorsteps— literally. Research has found that direct mail campaigns are more likely to stir up a reaction than digital advertisements. Plus, they have a much longer shelf life, and can continue to impact customers long after materials have been sent out.

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Because direct mail requires physical materials and mailing time, people don’t often think of it as a fast and responsive marketing technique. However, thanks to advancements in print technology, companies can offer clients Fast Pass programs. Triadex Services states that some companies are able to print over 400,000 direct mail pieces in 48 hours. That’s an incredible turnaround for a campaign that big. If you’re looking for a technique that’s fast yet impactful, direct mail might just be up your alley.

Email Marketing

When it comes to marketing, there’s nothing quite as fast as the click of a mouse. Email marketing has been around for about as long as the Internet has, and it remains a popular marketing technique to this day. Highly scalable and incredibly affordable, it’s one of the foundational digital marketing techniques that every company should make use of.

There are tons of tools available that make mass emailing for companies faster and easier, including tools that allow you to quickly design your emails’ overall look. Additionally, there’s easy shorthand for effective email marketing that you can apply to nearly every email campaign. A post by Marketing Land recommends creating strong content with personalized messaging, prioritizing communication with the client, and choosing optimal times to send out emails. With these tools, you can cut down the time between conceptualization and launching an email campaign down to mere hours.

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