Huobi Global: A Digital Assets Exchange For Pro Traders

A highly liquid digital assets exchange platform for intermediate, to professional traders

Founded in 2013, the second-biggest exchange – with an average of over 23 billion in daily trading volumes – Huobi Global is a cryptocurrency exchange targeted at intermediate and professional traders. The digital assets exchange platforms were formed in Asia, and have, due to regulatory crackdowns in the country, resituated in Seychelles.

The digital assets exchange hosts almost 400 different digital assets, in an intuitively designed, easy to navigate platform where one can participate in lending and staking of assets, in addition to trading. Huobi’s digital exchange platform – featuring several crypto investment opportunities.

The Platform of Huobi Global

One will have to be familiar with more complex trading platforms to navigate the Huobi platform – as it was designed with more advanced traders in mind. Nevertheless, users will likely find the platform aesthetically pleasing, generally uncluttered – only displaying what information is necessary to facilitate sound trading decisions.

Available in no fewer than 10 languages, Huobi’s platform features a fairly intuitive interface, which enables users to sign up, and initiate their first trade within 5 minutes. For making one’s first purchase of crypto, the exchange offers a host of options.

Exchange options of Huobi Global

From the exchange’s reputed Peer-to-Peer (P2P,) to direct crypto deposits, to debit/credit card purchases, the exchanges give one almost no excuse not to execute that initial trade. The Huobi Global crypto exchange platform allows for the purchase of crypto in about 57 fiat currencies and offers over 60 payment methods.

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Unlike most exchanges geared towards a more sophisticated market exchange platform, Huobi does not have an account minimum but does hold trader deposits to a minimum value of $100. There are no fees attached to deposits, however, withdrawals from the exchange carry an asset-dependent fee. The platform also features an express withdrawal option, which, for a small fee, has transactions carried out a little quicker.

The Huobi Global exchange platform’s trading view, from an advanced trader’s perspective, intuitively marries all the important statistical tools needed to get a feel of potential market action. The Order Window is placed in a very “sensible” position; beneath the price chart, in the center, at the bottom of the screen.

The chart allows one to toggle a TradingView integrated chart, which enables one to access drawing tools. The exchange is targeted at more advanced traders. Order types available on the exchange are Market Orders, Limit Orders, and Stop-Limit Orders allowing for different risk management strategies.

The order book and market trades list can be accessed to the right-hand side of the screen, while the left-hand window offers a list of tokens, and supported pairs. Aside from offering a variety of crypto asset-based trading options, from Spot trading to Margin trading, to Futures (both regular and Perpetual,) Options. Huobi also does a lot to be a one-stop crypto finance platform, enabling users to access staking pools, bot trading, as well as loans.


Huobi appears to put a great deal of emphasis on securing user assets, having run several third-party audits on its security systems over the years. The exchange allows users the ability to secure their accounts through 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication,) SMS, PGP encrypted email. The bulk (98%) of assets deposited by users is stored in cold wallets, which are offline and will not be connected to the net should a security breach occur. Said wallets are also monitored 24/7, just in case.


Regarding where the exchange is supported, the platform used to be mostly focused on Chinese, and US market participants. However, seeing as regulations in their biggest market, China, have taken a hard stance against crypto, the firm has since adopted a more global approach to its user intake model, and is now available in most territories on the planet.

In terms of customer support, the firm goes the extra mile to offer support to its users, regarding all issues. Huobi’s support team can be reached [email protected] or more conveniently, via their on-platform channel. By navigating to the support center, one can have an AI-bot help them sift through Huobi’s extensive FAQ or live chat with a representative for more complicated issues.

Mobile App

Having launched in 2017, on both Android and iOS mobile platforms, the Huobi Pro mobile app is Huobi in the palm of one’s hand. The app seems to attest to the exchange’s popularity since it has racked up a million downloads, on Android alone.

The app – like the main exchange platform is available in 10 languages, enables access to customer support, as well as much of the features available on the web platform One remains in control of much of their Huobi account from the mobile app and isn’t just limited to trading.

The app’s charts feature basic drawing tools, as well as support for fast deposit/withdrawal, and real-time streaming of price data. Showing that Huobi developed their entire platform offering with professional traders in mind.


All-in-all Huobi offers high-security standards, customer support, and a professional, internationally patronized exchange. The platform hosts an extensive number of altcoin, and exclusive projects to invest in.

In addition to customer support, and FAQ, the exchange also has a ton of news and articles targeted at professional traders. This means users can gain access to market-moving news without ever leaving the platform.

Huobi is highly liquid and has a matching engine that allows for fast order execution. If one is in the market for a reliable, professionally presented digital asset exchange platform, then Huobi would be a good one to try out, as it caters to a more experienced sort of market operator.

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