3 Tips for Marketing Web3 Products

Web3 is still in its infancy and now could be a great time to get into space with a great project.

The only issue is that web3 is still largely unknown, even in crypto circles. This means that as a developer, you will not only have to market your product but educate people at the same time. You cannot market web3 products like other products, and you will have to use a mix of new and time-tested techniques for them to gain traction. Here are some tips for marketing web3 projects.

Educate First

The very first thing you have to do is to focus on educating the people. Instead of trying to sell a product in a space virtually no one truly understands, it would be better for you to become the authority on web3.

One thing we would suggest you do would be to build an informational website on web3 only. Make it completely free of ads. You don’t need to market your product aggressively; only mention it when needed. This will allow you to build a solid community.

It’s very important to have a system in place to gather people’s contact information. You should at least have an email capture page on your site and try offering some sort of report. It could be an extensive study on the future of web3 or a simple introduction piece. From then on you should start gathering a good list of subscribers and let them know about your product through email.

Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is probably the single most powerful tool anyone in the web3 space can use to market their product. Pick an influencer with a sizable audience that is into web3, blockchain, or crypto. You also have to pick influencers that are respected by the public and make sure that they are great at vulgarizing very complex concepts.

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Finding a good influencer on your own may be a bit difficult, however. This is why we would suggest that you speak with a Web3 marketing agency that specializes in influencer marketing. They can connect you with the perfect type of influencer for your project. An agency can find an influencer that fits your brand, product, and budget and manage your relationship with them. They can track results for you and help in the content creation process as well.

Boost Your SEO Efforts

Mastering SEO will be very important at the moment. Since web3 is still largely unknown and trending, you have the opportunity to rank high for some very popular high intent keywords with little competition.

So, if you haven’t been concentrating on SEO, you need to right away. Start with an SEO audit and see how you could integrate highly searched keywords in a natural and meaningful way into your content. Also, work on improving your site’s performance and navigation while beefing up your content.

Marketing web3 projects is different from marketing anything else, so do your homework on different marketing strategies and try different ones until you find what works. Don’t be afraid to ask for outside help too.

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