How Chatbots are changing the ways eCommerce businesses operate

How Chatbots are changing the ways eCommerce businesses operate.

The eCommerce market has expanded by leaps and bounds with the exceedingly easier design and user interface. The ease of reviewing and ordering products online has attracted more business to go live and have their listings in the most promising industry.

Merchants, around the globe, have started online businesses to facilitate users in easily purchasing products. But, managing all the business operations seamlessly is a hectic job. They start with setting up a usable eCommerce platform with eCommerce development, attract users, make them do the purchases, and follow up the transactions.

Among the various business operations, communicating and interacting with users is a major part. It may require them to hire customer support executive for live support and quick inquiry resolution. For more info about answering services, click here. Merchants may need to inform all the users that may include the existing users about latest arrivals, or the new ones about product, pricing and other details.

To streamline their virtual communication and other tasks, they can make use of chatbots that are becoming intelligent day by day. The addition of natural language processing is allowing these applications to communicate like the human beings which are creative ease for the online business managers to replace the live support department with chatbots that have the capability to answer basic queries and engage users in casual chat. Following are some of the ways how these bots can help merchants to enjoy relief in different business operations.

Engage users in a quick chit chat

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Chatbots that are powered by artificial intelligence are smart enough to understand users’ interests and continue chat accordingly. Bring users to your website requires a whole lot of effort, but converting them into customers is the continuation of that effort. You cannot leave the users unattended when they are browsing your products and services, and need to interact with your brand instantly.

Most of the eCommerce websites configure live chat features that demand to hire agents to engage users for answering in a natural way. It is an expensive deal to hire enough staff to make available live chat around the clock. And, eventually, the business fails to engage users. On the other hand, chatbot can be well programmed to attract users to live chat, engage them in natural chat, and feel them as if they are having a conversation with a human being.

The virtual environment is full of distraction. The way a user finds your eCommerce website, he or she may likely to visit your competitors as well. Additionally, they might be using social media on other tabs of the browser. It means a slight distraction may allow them to switch to another tab and continue with the website that interests them and forget about your store. So, adding a chatbot is quite feasible to have their attention and discuss the products they are looking for.

Chatbots may serve your sales agent

Sales agents are often assigned a target to achieve by the end of a week or month. They use different tactics to make the users buy more products or store items, which eventually increase the turnover. In an online business, the sales agents are absent as the customers add products to cart and proceed to checkout virtually.

A chatbot can fill the gap of a sales agent by suggesting relevant products right when a potential customers select products for purchases and proceeds to payment options. In a conventional business dealing, a sales agent have the power to convince a visitor in buying more products, but it seems to be quite difficult for eCommerce websites. With the help of chatbots, one can implement strategies of up-selling and cross-sell to maximize revenues and profits.

Selling products is an art either you sell it on an eCommerce website or in a brick and mortar shop. It requires the sales agent to instantly figure out the products a person is looking for and what else he can sell in connection to that. For example, a man enters a shop to garments shop for a t-shirt may definitely be interested in jeans and joggers. The online merchants can implement this concept by offering incentives on ordering similar products from the same store. The chatbots can ask to suggest similar products from the category from which the user adds a product to cart.

Help in minimizing cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is a conversion failure. You try hard to bring a user to your online store; either from social media, search engine, or any other source, and make him add products to cart, but fail to complete the transaction. There could be countless reasons that a user leaves the cart unfinished. In the meanwhile, a chatbot can appear as an assistant to let them complete the order.

In conventional stores, the merchants configure an eCommerce website and work out on the marketing, but don’t bother to look into the matters as why people are leaving the website. It could be your poor design or complex user interface that are stopping them from the purchases. And, without a chatbot, you cannot even learn about factors contributing to a higher cart abandoned rate.

A chatbot can help them clarify an ambiguity about a product price, shipping charges, quality, or manufacturing, etc. you can trigger such an application to know the users’ intent so that you can reach out those potential customers in a friendly and promising way. For example, if a user is leaving your website just for a price hike, you can offer a discount if the business policy permits it or waive off shipping charges, or any offer that encourages them to fulfill their purchases.

Automate tasks of your virtual assistant

An online business manager may need to supervise a series of tasks by segregating and assigning them to teams and individuals. It may include coordinating with web designers and developers for slight modification, instructing staff to enter data about stocks or circulate a newsletter about product additions.

It all becomes a mess when staff misses out doing a single task as all of these jobs are interconnected. With the implication of chatbots, managers can automate some of the tasks that are time-consuming and prone to human error. For example, a restaurant or food chain may configure sending amazing recipes regularly to the customers and set the staff free from a headache.

Chatbots are also powered by the natural language processing technology that allows them to understand and respond in human-like proficiency. So, if an online business has to deal with international clients, but don’t have the expertise of their specific language, they can set up chatbot for a hassle-free customer experience.

Ensure your presence 24/7

One of the major constraints in achieving a sales target is the limited support and availability. A great majority of websites are active for about 8-10 hours, and then they snooze. But, the eCommerce industry is not subject to a defined time frame. You cannot expect a user to visit and shop between 9-5pm or 10-7pm.

Just like the way an internet user is free to visit your store and shop anytime, then why the customer support shall be limited to a few hours. They shall be given the freedom to drop you a question or query and get the instant reply. The 24/7 availability encourage them to ask about your products or services either they wake up in the wee hours and late at night.

Chatbots stay awake around the clock and answer users’ requests, without getting tired or sleepy. You can have it as customer assistant who is available all the time. Let the users visiting your eCommerce website and getting answers to their common problems.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots have tremendously facilitated the online merchants in simplifying the management of user queries and communication. It can brilliantly replace a team of customer support agents with the technology of artificial intelligence. The eCommerce websites that start with a small investment is often reluctant to spend money on founding a separate customer support team. The improving technology of chatbots and the incorporation of natural language processing can allow them to manage customer queries without hiring a dedicated staff.

The benefits of chatbots are not limited to live user communication because it can aid merchants in automating certain tasks as well. The eCommerce websites can impressively automate the sending of newsletters to customers on regular basis without involving human personnel.

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