How can a responsive web design help your business grow?

Mobile internet surfing has recently gained popularity during the past few years, so it is vital for your website to have a responsive web design to help you increase customer retention. 

Responsive web design is a designing website in a way that provides a seamless viewing experience for the users whether they view the website on a desktop, a smartphone or any other device.

Google has changed the SEO algorithm of website ranking and incorporated mobile friendliness. Even if you have relevant content but the users cant access your website, your site will receive a negative reviews and will be placed lower in the search results. If your website loads slowly, the organic search results will drop significantly. Creating a separate mobile website can provide the mobile user a better option to view your brand but a responsive web design is more cost-effective solution. As smartphone user has outnumbered the desktop users, responsive web design has been gaining popularity. Therefore, mobile marketing can be more effective and successful if the company has a single site that is responsive in any device.

A game changer for your business, responsive web design makes your site user-friendly and help them surf through the site smoothly. The important element of the website should work smoothly on the phone like it’ll on the desktop. If your website isn’t interactive, you are like to lose visitors.

Another way you can build a relationship and trust with your customers is with Branding. A responsive website can help produce a consistent web appearance and thus help you stay ahead of the curve.

What are the features of responsive web design?

A few years ago, web designers used to create pages according to the device for example- a smartphone has a different resolution than a desktop and the content needed to be optimized accordingly. However, responsive web design can help view the website in any device with the same degree of functionality. A web design that’s responsive can be easily accessible to the visitor and give them an optimal experience.

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The most important feature of responsive web design is media queries. Filters are added to CSS, which is a highly useful tool for web designers and helps in resizing the page. The other important feature of the responsive design is the flexible layout. This formats the margins and positioning the key elements of a page. This helps the designer choose the number of columns and remove the need to work out the layout.

Designers use percentages instead of numbers making it more fluid to produce more pages. The last component of responsive design involves using CSS or a resizing function to create content. Dynamic resizing gives more control of the pages.

A responsive web design help visitors enjoy your brand on any device of their liking. The intuitive design helps ensure pages and the elements in it gets resize accordingly. You’ll understand the importance of responsive design if you had a chance of visiting a website that’s impossible to navigate wit elements that are enlarged.

How is a Responsive Web design different from a Mobile Web design?

As more and more people use smartphones for everything, the designer has been using smartphones as the starting point. This meant that they create two websites for the company, one for desktop users and one mobile friendly.

Mobile design is also popular for the cleaner look, the small screen widgets and buttons can make it look unattractive. To create the best design team doesn’t stuff the website and only focus on important elements.

There are many benefits of mobile sites but handling two sites can be bothersome. However, a responsive web design makes the site robust and homogenous plus a single site helps with your company’s branding.

Making a mobile site can be confusing for the audience as they may get confused between the two sites.

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