How Arcane changed the story of League of Legends

Arcane is one of the Netflix series and an adaptation of the "League of Legends" game.

The first episodes of the first season of Arcane began to explore some of the fans’ favorite characters, including Vi and Ekko during their childhood and adolescence. But it also changed some of the details of previous stories told by the game. In the following, we will discuss everything we know about how the Arcane series changed the story of the League of Legends game:

This article reveals parts of the Arcane series.

Hextech History

Arcane Hextech

Crystals, called Hex core, power a form of technology, better known as Hextech. This technology is the central identity of the city of progress, Piltover. However, this animated show has changed the history of Hextech and its discovery compared to the lore of League of Legends.

The development of hextech is one of the most important events in the Arcane series. In the show, two young scientists, Jayce and Viktor, discover the powerful hidden forces of the hex cores. However, in the story of League of Legends, the discovery of hex cores and the development of hextech take place long before Jayce enters the famous Piltover Academy.

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Hexcores core was first discovered by the Ferros family. Families with a high level of business acumen made them one of the most influential and the wealthiest families in Piltover. However, the discovery of hex cores was not without cost. They collected these crystals in the Shurima Desert from a living crystalline species called Brakern.

Arcane Hextech

In the Arcane series, we don’t know the origin of the crystals that Jayce works with. So they may still have come from the Berkers. But in this animation, Jayce discovers the Hexcores. He replaces the role of the Ferros family and another League of Legends Champion named Camille.


Camille is the protector of the Ferros family. A young woman who was as dangerous as she was smart. Camille was born generations after the discovery of the hex cores. She grew up believing in her family and their place in society. To better protect them, Camile gradually underwent a series of operations in which her body parts were replaced with hex cores. The operation continued until there was nothing left of her body. After these operations, Camile became an assassin lurking in the shadows. Her age was meaningless. She always protected the Ferros family in any way possible.

In the world of the Arcane series, Jayce developed hextech. Camille and her family do not exist and their role is taken from them or is not currently shown in the story. This is one of the biggest changes Arcane has made to the League of Legends story.

Jinx’s Past

League of Legends Jinx

In League of Legends, a little girl named Powder has grown up to become one of the game’s iconic characters named Jinx. Jinx is a madwoman living in the town of Zavan. She is known for ignoring others and the devastation she has caused with her creative weapons in Piltover. The Arcane series has answered some of the questions about the Jinx story that were previously left unanswered. How did she become this character? Why has Vi been all over her mind?

Arcane reveals that Jinx and Vi are sisters. Jinx is adopted as a child by a person named Silco. The villain wants to force the citizens of Piltover to respect the Zavan city by bloody and brutal force.

Vi’s Past

League of Legends Vi

Vi’s story also changes a lot. There are changes in the fate of her group and the introduction of a character named Vander.

In the main story told in League of Legends, Vi was the leader of a small group who, for a bold robbery, partnered with another group from the town of Zavan called Factory Wood Fiends. But when her partners betray her and endanger the lives of innocent people as well as members of her small group. So, the robbery plan failed. The character disappears for a few years after beating members of the Factory Wood Fiends group who made VI infamous on the streets of Zavan until she appears as a law enforcement officer in the city of Piltover.

The Arcane series changes almost the entire background of the Vi character. Vander is a kind man who shelters Vi’s parents, Powder, and several other children in the war between Piltover and Zavan after their lives are killed. Precisely because his presence changes the context of the confrontation between Vi and her group.

Instead of a simple street robbery, this sequence turns into a disappointing mission to save Vander from Silko. Of course, the tragic end of this event is not less than the story that is told in League of Legends for this character and his group. After Powder builds a magic bomb to help Vi and his group save Vander, the mission fails and all of her group and Vander are killed.

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