Azure Saga: Pathfinder JRPG Game

The game is set in a fictitious future where mankind has been pushed to the brink of extinction

Steadily gaining fans since 2014, the Azure Saga: Pathfinder JRPG game has finally made its way to mobile, through an iOS release. That’s right, now iPhone, and iPad users can enjoy hours of the futuristic  turn-based adventure game, battling their way through the cosmos on a quest to find humanity a new home. 

“Far into the future, the human race survives through colonies scattered across the universe. One tale that gives humanity’s remnants hope is of the legendary planet, Azure – a world full of life and abundant resources that could bring humanity back from the brink of extinction. Join a young scientist, Synch, as he travels across the galaxy to meet new companions and find his father in this JRPG heavily inspired by the Star Ocean and Breath of Fire series.”

Azure Saga: Pathfinder, developed by Indonesian gaming house, MassHive Entertainment, has enjoyed a warm reception since first making its public appearance. The game series’ audience has grown a great deal since launching on game streaming platform, Steam, back in 2018. The game’s classic turn based style proved to translate well onto Nintendo’s Switch handheld gaming device as well, and gained the title a larger fanbase. Now Apple device users can enjoy the series on mobile, while Android owners may have to wait a bit longer. 

The game is set in a fictitious future, where mankind has been pushed to the brink of extinction, and hangs on by a thread, in colonies dispersed across the cosmos. Enter young scientist, Synch (no time for proper names when one is getting on with the task of not going extinct, one could suppose) who sets out on a quest to find a legendary world, Azure, in the hopes that it could prove a staging ground for the return of the human species. 

“We’re thrilled to finally bring Azure Saga: Pathfinder to iPhones and iPads everywhere,” commented Andika Pradana, MassHive Media’s Creative Director. “We always had mobile in mind when developing the game – ensuring that it played well on touchscreens and game controllers alike. We can’t wait to hear from iOS gamers who are now playing Azure Saga: Pathfinder for the very first time.”

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Launched on Apple’s AppStore, on the 23rd of September 2020, Azure Saga: Pathfinder delivers, thoroughly nostalgic, gameplay – reminiscent of the classic, turn-based style of many 90’s and early-2000’s gaming titles. Azure Saga delivers 2.5 isometric, turn-based gameplay, while adding modern flair to the genre. Players have to employ strategic thinking and coordinate team abilities to defeat enemies in the battles that come up in the game. Some battles appear sequentially and some take you, totally, by surprise.

The game draws inspiration from giant titles in the turn-based JRPG genre, Breath of Fire, and Star Ocean, but really goes a long way towards updating gameplay look-and-feel. As many titles in the genre, Azure Saga features a lot of bladed weapons, it could do with a few more guns. That is our only complaint. Bladed weapons seem, sort of, out of place in a futuristic setting. 

While the world waits for Azure Saga: Pathfinder to make its debut on the Android platform. iOS users can now get the game off Apple’s App Store for $2.99.


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