Heroes of the Storm – is it officially dead?

You’ve read the title and you’re probably wondering wow this game wasn’t dead before? Well, I am here to disappoint you. Now it's official and we even have a death certificate so let's get on with the news

Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s MOBA-style videogame. It came out in 2015 and has stood its ground, till now at least. Blizzard’s most famous heroes are playable characters with arenas from other games such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Overwatch, and so on. Now, it is entering a maintenance mode similar to the one of Starcraft. 

The basic premise of the game is the same as in any other MOBA. A team of five players versus another team of five players fight inside an arena to destroy each other’s base, known as the Kings core. Originally, the game was inspired by a mod for Warcraft 3, called the Defense of the Ancients. It is free but features a shop with many microtransactions.

Heroes of the Storm and its problems

It is no secret that Heroes of the Storm had a lot of problems. Sadly, most of those problems came from Blizzard not really caring as much as they should. Sure, the community was toxic and people were feeding/leaving matches, but that really follows any MOBA game.

Some of the issues this game faced though were bad customer service, bad report system, bad talent diversity on certain heroes, lack of transparency with the fanbase, and so on.

The news 

On July the 8th of 2022, Blizzard announced that they will stop developing any kind of new content for Heroes of the Storm. Funny enough, they missed the 7th year anniversary of the game by one month. Here’s what Blizzard had to say:

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This June marks the seven-year anniversary of Heroes of the Storm. Combining legendary characters from all of our universes, it naturally brought players together into a truly unique experience. Heroes and its community are home to some of the most passionate gamers from around the world and we’re committed to making sure that you can continue to enjoy your adventures through the Nexus.

Moving forward we will support Heroes in a manner similar to our other longstanding games, StarCraft and StarCraft II. In the future, we’ll continue seasonal rolls and hero rotations, and while the in-game shop will remain operational there are no plans for new for-purchase content to be added. Future patches will primarily focus on client sustainability and bug fixing, with balance updates coming as needed.

As a token of our appreciation, we are gifting the incredibly rare Epic Arcane Lizard mount to all players with next week’s patch.

To our Heroes community, we say, “thank you”. You continue to be one of our most passionate communities, we’re grateful for your continued dedication and support, and as always, we look forward to seeing you in the Nexus

Our thoughts

Although it was only a matter of time before they officially stopped caring about the game, this post didn’t sit lightly with many of us. Heroes of the Storm was one of the rare casual MOBAs. You could sit down and play it without worrying about how good you’re at it. Along with that, having many of our favorite characters inside the game was definitely a plus. Hopefully, even though Blizzard is abandoning it, Heroes of the Storm will persist just like Starcraft has after all this time.

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