Getting Customer Service Ready for 2019

Customer expectations are evolving at a rapid pace and it's about time organizations must too, in order to avoid being left behind.

Anyone who has worked in a customer service outsourcing industry understands well that it’s never too early for a company to start planning their customer service strategy, planning that involves delivering new and delightful customer experiences and setting the right expectations for both employees and executives.

But planning itself is a complicated word when it comes to offering customer support. If it isn’t complicated, then companies wouldn’t be struggling to make Customer Experience a priority in their business strategy besides applying the appropriate metrics to understand the value back to revenue.

What is Customer Experience?

Once considered a buzzword, customer experience upon time, has proven itself as an important battleground for companies looking to gain recognition as leaders in their respective industries. So, how will we define it in 2019?

Well, something like a combination of all the interactions that a customer has with an organization including the feelings, emotions, and perceptions the customer has about those interactions.

In 2019, you will need to change your perception about customer experience, think of it as something that bridges the gap across various parts of your business so that everyone has a clear understanding of what they are working to achieve.

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Also to help you out, I have mentioned below some top customer experience actions to implement in 2019.

Scaling your Practice

One thing that almost everyone struggled in 2018 was how to delight their customers and meet their needs at the same time. I know putting a smile to every face is not possible but identifying customers that expect delightful experiences and those only interested in meeting their needs most certainly is.

Also, by defining your customer segments by industry, revenue, or behavior, you will help create a solid customer relationship program, one that will significantly improve your brand loyalty.

Personalizing your Services

With technological advances in the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, consumers expect businesses to know them even before doing business with them. And expectations doesn’t stop there, consumers also want a personalized journey. Therefore, the whole responsibility will fall to sales, service, and marketing professionals to look into the data analytics and strategically define products and services that can help customers achieve their desired results.

Delivering Experiences

Planning and defining work great as long as you deliver on it. Without proper execution, none of these strategies will be of any use. Every employee, whether a fresher or an experienced one, works with best interests at heart. But that doesn’t mean simply checking off an internal box of delivery. Make sure you deliver what you promise.


Often in the race for technology, we forget to take an outside-in view. But in the end, all that matters is the final product that should be is customer-centric. And it isn’t that hard. Just focus on the customer, keeping in mind to give them the right experience by empowering your employees, by building trust and most importantly, by being authentic.

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Neha Gupta is an experience-driven content strategist at Octopus Tech with a career spanning more than 10 years in the call center outsourcing industry. Neha believes that bad customer experiences are toxic to our social fabric.
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