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Cybersecurity in the gaming industry

Players all around the world are fully enjoying the immersive world of gaming, but the increasing popularity is also a gateway for hackers to take advantage of people.

As hackers are gaining more attention, they continuously find new ways to get access to people’s personal information. A new type of scamming is through messaging platforms, where hackers are manipulating players to give out their information. Therefore, it is the be-all and end-all to be aware of cybersecurity when gaming.

The methods of hackers

During the pandemic, people around the world found joy in turning their attention to video games. This was not only a way to distract them from what was going on in the outside world but also to find new online friends. However, this means that cyber crimes have increased significantly. The hackers now sought to steal personal information and money by hacking the accounts of innocent players.

This is also due to the vulnerability of the industry. Game developers spend their time developing games and not on secure software. Therefore, the industry has long been hit by DDoS attacks and phishing attempts.

Choose a VPN

Not only can a VPN improve your internet speed and game display, but it can also be a tool to secure your personal information on the internet. With a VPN for gaming, you can prevent DDoS attacks and other hacker activities. Why should I trust a VPN, and can I be sure that they are not another scam, you might wonder. A VPN secures your identity, your internet connection, and your data.

You can tell a trustworthy VPN company how much privacy they offer. If the VPN company explicitly states which information it gathers, then you can have confidence in the company. Obviously, you have to use your judgment to find out which ones to trust, but it doesn’t have to be difficult to find a secure one. Pick your gaming VPN here and enjoy the benefits.

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Keep your personal information

In recent years, identity theft has become a bigger threat in the gaming industry. Hackers will go on messenger platforms and use the chat function to gain personal information such as your name, phone number, and house address. Therefore, it is crucial to keep this to yourself. If you wish to increase your security, you can use a VPN. This way you can hide your IP address and make it difficult for the hacker to get hold of your exact location.

Children and gaming

As covered on this website, the younger generation is gaming on par with their peers. Many of them are using Discord, which is a social platform where young gamers follow streamers and play with each other. But when using Discord, children can be exposed to hacking, as we have witnessed a huge rise in scams. Financial crimes are happening more often, as scammers will send malicious messages to different accounts and trick younger players into giving them money.

If you have children or siblings, these are some of the things, they should be aware of:

  • Fake giveaways
  • Downloads, that are in fact viruses
  • Blackmail

And if you ever feel like you want to learn more about protecting yourself and others from hackers, then getting a cyber security diploma is a good idea.

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