Fortnite Chapter 3: Whats New?

Fortnite released a massive update: Chapter 3. Everyone has heard about Fortnite, especially now due to all the insane amounts of sponsorships and advertisements. The hype for Chapter 3 is felt everywhere and the game has taken the main stage once again.

What is new in Fortnite Chapter 3

Epic Games has said that Chapter 3 “is a new beginning- a perfect starting point for new players and a perfect returning point for those who haven’t played in a while.” It isn’t a secret that Fortnite had faded out of many gamers’ minds after Epic Games struggled to keep fans interested. Chapter 3 hopes to bring back all those fans who left with a sour taste in their mouth. The plan is to provide content that will interest them. They care about bringing back fans as they had to have spent millions on collaborations with big-name franchises such as Naruto, Marvel, Spiderman. Following the latest trends, Epic Games has managed to get The Rock added to Fortnite as a playable skin. Even haters have to agree, Epic Games knows what the trends are and seizes the marketing opportunity to grow their game.

New map

fortnite chapter 3 map

The map was almost completely changed and is now mainly a snow land. It still does have some aspects of the old desert and green patches, however. The old map was flipped over to show this new map during the event. It allowed the player to see the contrast of all the changes. There is now a Spiderman-themed location on the map- “The Daily Bugle”. We also got back some of the old locations such as Shifty Shafts and Greasy Grove which created a big buzz in the fanbase. Epic Games has also released information about a new map feature where the snow melts to reveal green land over time, changing the map and locations over time. They also promised some secrets that will reveal themselves as the snow melts.

Camping Features

Fortnite chapter 3 camping features

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Epic Games has also added a completely new feature to the game, camping. Players can now hop inside the tents to rest and heal up as well as store up items that they can use in future maps if they want. This feature completely changes the premise of the game before where players played a completely unrelated match each time they played a new one. Now players can use tents and storage to help their future matches. Although this is a very new and experimental addition, it’s a very exciting feature that gives the game a fresh feel.

New Items in Chapter 3


Fortnite chapter 3 medmist

Players can use this new item to heal themselves or to heal a teammate, even while running.

Guzzle Juice

fortnite chapter 3 guzzle juice

Guzzle Juice is another healing item that heals up to 100 hp over time, however, its effect runs out if the player takes damage.

Spiderman’s Web-Shooters

fortnite chapter 3 spiderman

This item is a Marvel collaboration along with the playable Spiderman skin. It can be used to shoot webs to swing on buildings. They also provide faster mobility while knocked.

Ranger Assault Rifle

fortnite chapter 3 assault rifle

The Ranger Assault Rifle is a long-range rifle- as the name suggests- which does 30-36 damage per shot with a 1.5x increase for a headshot. It has a fire rate of 4 with a magazine that can hold 25 bullets.

MK-Seven Assault Rifle

Fortnite chapter 3 rifle

A medium ranged fully automatic rifle that does 21-25 damage with a headshot multiplier of 2.5x. It has a fire rate of 9 and can hold 35 rounds per magazine.

Striker Pump Shotgun

Fortnite chapter 3 shotgun

A slow-firing shotgun with an even shorter range compared to other shotguns that. It has a headshot multiplier of 1.5x and holds 5 rounds. It does 86-106 damage with a fire rate of 0.6.

Auto Shotgun

Fornite Chapter 3 Pump shotgun

A fast-firing shotgun that is very deadly at close range. 76-92 damage per shot with a headshot multiplier of 1.5x and a fire rate of 1.5, however, the reload time is 8 seconds(even higher if it is uncommon or common)

Sidearm Pistol

Fortnite chapter 3 pistol

A powerful and accurate semi-automatic pistol that performs best at medium range. 23-30 damage per shot with a 2x headshot multiplier with an average reload speed of 1.3 seconds. Each mag can hold 15 bullets and it has a fire rate of 6.75.

Stinger SMG

Fortnite chapter 3 SMG

A fast-firing medium/short range fully-automatic SMG that does a lot of damage to buildings as well as players. It does 18-24 damage per shot with a fire rate of 12. Each magazine holds 35 bullets and has a headshot multiplier of 2x.

Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper

Fortnite chapter 3 sniper

A long-range weapon that shoots a fast-moving projectile that can kill a player in 1 shot if it is a critical hit. It does 86-99 damage and has a 2x headshot multiplier and each magazine holds 3 rounds.

Chapter 3: Event and Concluding Thoughts

The event for the start of Chapter 3 started with the world turning dark and the pyramid glowing as the queen rises with a golden beam of light. The queen then opens up the sky while spaceships and other enemies shoot at the players but the cube protects everyone from all the attacks. The sky then opens to reveal multiple spaceships that the queen was in control of. Then the cube gets destroyed which was a very emotional scene for many players- old and new as the cube has been around for a while. Then the entire scene changes and the camera goes underground to show a cinematic where the rock is introduced. The insane cinematics put many animation moves to shame with its graphics and fast progression.

This is where The Rock is seen saving the default skin and opening a suspicious portal to save everyone and kill the queen who was trying to destroy the map. The players then get sent back to their characters where they had to follow one of the allies who was saving everyone. The players then end up in the water where they saw the entire map flip over as the queen disappeared, revealing an entirely new map on the other side.

Then a big tsunami washed over everyone and the event was over, kicking off the new chapter with a big bang, exciting everyone. Epic Games announced that they have lots of mini-updates that will go live throughout the chapter, keeping the game fresh and exciting. We hope to see Fortnite rise once again to become the biggest game- Judging by the initial reactions to Chapter 3, we’re sure our hope will become a reality.

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