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State of Decay 3 – Everything we know so far

During the Xbox Showcase event, State of Decay 3 was introduced with the release of the cinematic trailer.

After a long time of ignorance, this time the details of the development of State of Decay 3 have been revealed. It seems to be done with the help of the powerful game engine Unreal Engine 5″ and with the developers of the popular title Gears of War. In the following, we will discuss more complete explanations of this new version.

It’s been a while since we heard about the development of State of Decay 3 as the third part of Undead Labs’ open-world survival horror game series. Matt Booty, the head of Xbox Game Studios, has revealed some information about this new game on Major Nelson’s podcast.

Almost two years have passed since the State of Decay 3 announcement. At the time, developer Undead Labs stated that the game was still in its early stages of pre-production. However, five months ago, reports indicated that there were problems with the development process and gender discrimination issues, which caused the game to remain in its pre-production stage.

It seems that in State of Decay 3 we will also see zombie animals that will challenge you.

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Making the game State of Decay 3 with the help of Unreal Engine 5

Now, in an interview with Major Nelson, Botti mentioned the details of the development of the State of Decay 3 with the help of the Unreal Engine 5 game engine. Also, he mentioned that the next project, “inXile,” is very exciting. During one of his recent visits, he even announced that Phil Spencer played the game for a while. There is a rumor that InXile’s next game will be a steampunk-themed RPG under the direction of former Arcanum developers. Finally, we have to wait for more news in this field.

You can read Booty’s interview in full on the Major Nelson podcast below:

Booty’s interview on the Major Nelson podcast

We have a structure that we call meetings, where we gather subject matter experts for a day or two. We experienced animation sessions, UI sessions, Unreal Engine sessions, physics sessions, etc. These meetings are our main mechanism for sharing new technologies among our various team members.

You mentioned Undead Labs, they’re working with The Coalition in Vancouver, our Gears of War studio. To use some of the technology around Unreal Engine 5 and some of the stuff that’s already in Gears of War.

Last week, we spent the whole day in Undead Labs in Seattle, which was great, and we got some cool new updates for State of Decay 3. In addition to the State of Decay 2 continuing to grow, I think we now have eleven million lifetime players in State of Decay 2, which is pretty cool.

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