Fire Force

Fire Force, a title that might scream out less is more to anime fans looking for the next best series to binge on and if lots of action tickles your fancy, then this might just be the right series to put on your to-watch list this festive season.

Produced by David Production, the Fire Force anime series is adapted from a manga that was written by Atsush Ōkubo and was first published by Kodansha in September of 2015 – and it’s still going strong by the way.

So, what’s it about?

Before going into exactly what Fire Force is about, it might be worth remembering beforehand that very few things are truly flawless and this anime title is no exception. To that effect, the early stages of Fire Force could leave many viewers disinterested due to the rather generic story behind the lead character.

The protagonist in this series follows the typical blueprint of coming from a background of tragic events which fuels an insatiable appetite to be the best at what he does, we’ve seen this countless times and not just in anime. To make matters worse, the series takes a bit of time in getting viewers to the fin parts.

That said, Fire Force is set in a fictional period in a time dubbed Tokyo’s Solar Era. The year is 198, more than two hundred years after The Great Cataclysm. An event that saw entire nations being wiped out as the vast portions of the world were set ablaze and people perished from spontaneous human combustion.

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However, those who spontaneously set on fire don’t die as a result, instead of turning into a horde of flaming demons known as infernals. These living infernos are a first-generation result of the phenomenon, which are soon followed by the second generation of a more powerful horned variety of called demons. There is also a third-generation, one that has the power to control fire – an ability referred to as pyrokinesis – while retaining their full human form and characteristics.

As the rest of the world collapsed, a pocket of humanity was able to thrive in Tokyo with the help of Haijima Industries, and their belief in the sun god, Holy Sol. This is where our protagonist, Shinra Kusakabe, joins the Fire Force, an elite unit made up of mostly pyrokinesis powered people and It’s not long before questions about the origin of the internal are questioned.

What’s good?

Fire Force puts a nice fanatical theme on fire fighting, which is a theme that’s been played with more than a few times but never in this manner – the series has a way of playing out this fantasy in a way that still manages to incorporate a good amount of realism.

What’s not?

Though Fire Force has its shiny facets, it is not perfect. Being an action-packed story of fighting with fire, it doesn’t seem to match up with its most comparable series – Promare. Furthermore, the series is shonen to the core, so it carries all the pros and cons of this genre of anime.


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