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Devil May Cry 5 Review

Devil May Cry 5 is a game that appeared out of nowhere, no one expected to see a sequel like this from Capcom, but they finally got to deliver it and it’s an amazing experience for veterans and newcomers alike.

In this game we play as Nero at first, but we also have Dante coming back as well as a new character in the form of V. Each one of the characters has its own set of attacks, upgrades you can buy and so on.
In order to make things a bit more realistic, Devil May Cry 5 uses the RE engine from RE7 and you can see that. The character faces are amazing, the game world is second to none and the attacks as well as the enemy design are all nothing short of amazing.
But for a lot of people the most important part is definitely the story. There are multiple levels in the game and you can play those either with a predefined character or any character you want. There’s also a mechanic named Nico that can help you with upgrades. As always, you have the style rating for combat based on your experience and attacks, not to mention the story will push you in some really interesting locations.


We really like the fact that the gameplay is different for each one of the characters. V for example is very focused on using dark arts, he barely attacks and he has minions to do his bidding. Dante is more focused on devil arms, he even has a motorcycle called Cavaliere and gauntlets. Nero has his robotic arms named devil breakers that really enhance the game experience and make it a lot more interesting and rewarding at the same time.
The story does take us to some unexpected regions, and for the most part you will find the gameplay to be quite refined and interesting at the same time. That being said, with Devil May Cry 5 you really get to push the boundaries as you improve the way you attack, acquire more abilities and test out a variety of combos. It’s nice to see that there’s an ending to this story with Devil May Cry 5, so any new DMC game will most likely start off with something fresh and a lot more interesting.
It’s nice to see that the level design continues to be nothing short of amazing every time. You do have some amazing boss battles too, many of these bosses are insane, extremely large and they require specific patterns to deal with them in a creative and powerful way.
Overall, Devil May Cry 5 is one of the best games of 2019, it runs great, it has a deep and emotional story and a wonderful ending too. But the best part is that the gameplay feels solid, you never feel pushed or rushed in any way and there’s not a lot of backtracking either. Everyone should try out this game, as it’s an amazing title with lots to offer!

Devil May Cry 5

Graphics - 9.5
Sounds - 9
Gameplay - 9.5


He is back

The finest version of DMC combat brings me to tears of joy.

User Rating: 4.7 ( 1 votes)

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