Apex Legends: Is It Still The No1 Battle Royale Title Out?

Apex Legends has been a firm favorite among fans of FPS (First-Person Shooters) and the battle royal games since its launch in 2019. However, in a rapidly evolving arena, enough time has passed for us to determine whether or not it remains in the running for the No1 battle royale title.

Right from the very beginning, Apex legends won the hearts of many gamers with its refreshing take on a genre that is too often void of variety. The game brings with it a thrilling cocktail of teamwork, versatility, and mobility that sets it a long way apart from other titles in this genre.

What is Apex Legends about?

As with most other battle royale games, one’s survival and killer instincts are put to the test. Players are thrust into an arena where teams have to scramble to gather gear that is scattered across and fight against other teams in an ever-shrinking space to the last surviving squad.

The finer details of this simple formula are where Apex Legends becomes a standout title. Firstly, there are 16 playable characters that have their own unique abilities, putting an emphasis on teamwork and an end to the idea of a “better” weapon.

This leads us to the right to a second noteworthy aspect of Apex Legends, the guns. Though set in the Titanfall universe, this game has some key differences. Players who are familiar with Titanfall will note that there are zero Titans and the same goes for wall-running – it’s gone too.

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However, what’s possibly more significant is that all guns now have unique ballistic traits. This puts an emphasis on the player’s own skills and playing style. Winning an encounter is never about who had the bigger guns. It is about being calculated.

The skill sets range from smoke screens to noxious gas, to temporary shields and ‘threat vision’. All to either apply or alleviate pressure during battle. However, it’s also worth noting that character abilities do not extend to their health or movement speed. Everyone is equal in this regard, giving more prestige to a player’s accuracy and maneuvering.

What the game has to offer?

With a satisfyingly wide assortment of weapons, there’s something for everyone, and success is determined by how well a player uses their weapons in a particular situation. Battles in Apex Legends generally aren’t decided by a character’s special abilities and this is quite different from OverWatch. A hero shooter where abilities seem to take center stage.

Apex’s armor system also strays away from the norm. There are 5 tiers, 3 of which can be picked up during the match, while the rest are earned by dealing damage to your foes.

Complaints about Apex Legends

It is for these reasons that Apex Legends has remained a firm favorite among fans of the Battle Royale genre since 2019. However, there has been a growing number of complaints from Apex players.

Apex Legends has been a darling of battle royale games right from the beginning, evidenced by the sheer number of positive steam reviews it received. However, the tide might be changing as there were more than 20 000 negative reviews in early October.

The majority of these stem from issues like server lag, game crashes, character changes after a respawn, and a lack of sound, which seemed to be chief among them. The fans feel let down by Respawn and hope that taking it to social platforms will get their attention.

“Honestly, I’m very glad the game is deserving of its current hate. The devs have neglected all of their games and now Apex,” one unhappy player posted.

Closing thoughts

However, the overall reviews of Apex Legends remain positive, Respawn might need to act quickly in order to keep their title a fan favorite. Things could change unexpectedly in this arena.


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