A Review of Top Grade, One of the very few apps of its kind in Pakistan

Top Grade is an online learning platform for entrance exam preparation.

What is Top Grade

It is designed by the professionals for the students of every category. It is developed by the fact taking into account today’s dire need of one platform where students can have everything for entrance exam preparation.

What Top Grade serves you with

Top Grade offers numerous benefits to the students. It introduces new yet efficient ways of learning. Following are the prominent features can avail by the students.

Time Flexibility

All you need is your login details, then you can use Top Grade anywhere anytime. All you have to do is to choose your quality time, whether it is morning, noon or night, to study. This will enhance your efficiency and ultimately your results. Top Grade provides this flexibility only to boost your energy while studying.

Excellent Content

Top Grade provides with flawless content according to the syllabus of the entrance exam content. During entry test preparation, content plays an important role. Therefore, Top Grade knows how important the content is, so the Top Grade team take it critically and examine every area to take the content towards perfection.

Complete syllabus preparation

Top Grade takes you from little levels to a higher level. First Top Grade prepares you for a topic then full subject and after that full syllabus. This is designed to make you learn with steps so you can understand everything with logic and fact. Top Grade takes you through the whole syllabus for entry test preparation within the required time.

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Why Top Grade over conventional ways of learning

Top Grade dominates conventional ways of learning because of the benefits it is serving students with.

No travelling

Top Grade demands only a few clicks. Students don’t need to leave their home for the entrance exam preparation. It saves them from all the hustle they had to face while travelling to academies. Top Grade only asks students for their screen and learning determination nothing more.

Comfort level 100%

Top Grade knows how much healthy mind is necessary for quality study, so it serves students with a flexible environment. The student does not feel any stress while studying from Top Grade. He has no stress of:

  • Missing a lecture or test
  • No stress of being neglected by the teachers in class
  • No stress of how to ask questions in front of many students
  • No stress about the availability of the content

Saves time and money

Top Grade is available 24/7 to the students which ultimately saves their time. Student

Top Grade in comparison with other applications

Many other applications are available for entrance exam preparation. But Top Grade is different, productive and effective in many ways than others.

Multiple entrance exam courses

Other sites offer only limited entrance exam preparation courses, but Top Grade serves its students with multiple options.

MDCAT (Medical and Dental Colleges Entry Test)

  • MDCAT Prep (Punjab)
  • MCAT (Sindh)
  • NUMS Entry Test Prep
  • NUMDCAT Prep (Punjab)
  • ETEA Medical (KPK)
  • NUMETEA Medical (KPK)
  • State Entry Test (AJK)
  • AKU Entry Test Prep

ECAT (Engineering Entry Test)

  • FUNG Prep (Punjab)
  • ECAT Prep (Punjab)
  • PIEAS Entry Test Prep
  • FAST Entry Test Prep
  • NUST Entry Test (NET) Prep
  • GIKI Entry Test Prep
  • ETEA Engineering (KPK)
  • MUST Entry Test Prep (AJK)
  • ECAT Prep (Sindh)


  • NAT General
  • NAT IM
  • NAT IE


  • GAT General


  • HAT – UG – M
  • HAT – UG – E
  • HAT – UG – CS

Growth analysis

Unlike other leaning portals Top Grade provides his students with growth analysis. This performance analysis graph tells the student about his excellence and lacking with statistics. Top Grade tells you your usage of daily content on a regular basis which ultimately forces students to go for more and more.

Video lectures by Proficient teachers

Professionals teachers are the team of Top Grade. They worked day and night to bring something new for students. They taught in a manner that student will learn smart ways to solve the test in minimum time. Lectures are available 24/7 student can watch again and again to grab the concept more clearly.

Practice Tests

Practice tests are designed according to the syllabus of entrance exam, unlike other sites. The other learning portal mostly doesn’t have relevant syllabus but just a bunch of questions. But Top Grade is highly concerned about the time and results of the student. Therefore, every question is made by keeping in view the syllabus of entrance exam.

Fast Revision Notes

Top Grade is not messy like other sites. It provides you everything in sequence. It tells you to watch video lectures then go for the practice test and after that, you have notes to revise quick. The motive of Top Grade does not only give you content but also gives you a path in the right direction.

Past Papers

Top Grade knows the need of past papers for the students of entrance exam. Students feel confident about the test after giving past paper and they will know about their strengths and weaknesses. Hence, Top Grade has the past paper of entrance exams in it, which is exceptionally beneficial for the students. Other applications lack this facility.

Full-Length Practice Exams

Top Grade after preparing students for the test, conduct a full-length practice exam. So the student can calculate its grade before entering the exam hall. This feature is different from other sites as a full-length practice exam strictly follows the syllabus. FLP exams have the same count of questions from the topic as given in the syllabus of entrance exam.


Top Grade is the need of today due to its exceptionally great features. Many of the students are signing up daily. The entrance exam is no doubt a turning point in every student’s life and Top Grade care about every student and has built this amazing system to save students from the worries he has to take because of lack of resources. A team of Top Grade is working smart with hard work to help students to build their dreams.

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