Squid Game Series Review – The price of humanity

The Korean series Squid Game from Netflix online network asks questions in 9 episodes that the audience is even afraid to answer in their minds.

Stop reading the Squid Game series review and go watch it; Without looking at more pictures, official trailers, or any other text about it. Regardless of any respectable opinion you may have about the whole work, this South Korean series includes minutes that you most likely do not want to miss on a personal experience; Sequences are so calculated and special that they do not easily leave the viewer’s mind at all.

During the best minutes of the best episodes, the powerful writing of the Squid Game series pushes the audience step by step towards questions that are no longer about the characters. Rather, they take root in the human mind and pressure it with the thought that if it was in a certain situation like the characters, what moral boundaries would it really go through with the instinct of survival? Revealing the secrets of the Squid Game series to the audience can make sure that they are not affected by the mainshock of some of these key moments and never have a part of a special and powerful experience. Is the series worth watching for a while if some points of the story are leaked? Certainly. But if you can, more or less close your eyes to the sea.

This is where one of the biggest strengths of the Squid Game series comes into play; Exemplary fit between content and content distribution platform. The storyline of the Squid Game series is such that a detailed and costly advertising campaign can seriously damage it. On the other hand, if a Korean series started airing in the country of manufacture and then had the opportunity to go to different platforms in different countries with local success, again, everyone would talk about its story in detail, and a limited number of viewers would succeed. They were touching on the main experience.

Netflix Squid Game Series with 9 episodes with different durations is a clear example of producing the right content for the right platform.

So there was really no better way to detonate such a bomb than a sudden, silent broadcast from an online network of about 210 million subscribers around the world. Netflix needs something like the Squid Game series to thrill and keep its subscribers, and a non-English-language build like the Squid Game series needs to reach the audience through such a platform to be as successful as possible.

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The audience can easily go to the online network in question just by hearing the name of a work or seeing its poster a few times, and the main experience is presented to them. Interestingly, Netflix’s stream-centric online network also officially finds, with minimal advertising costs, that external work is on the verge of a major record-breaking event. It remains to be seen how much more flexibility an online network will have over the course of each episode in favor of the series’ writers.

This type of broadcast is especially suitable for a work that completely accompanies the audience during the very first episode. The Squid Game series not only quickly evokes the audience’s sympathy with the main character and worries us about him, but with the first episode, it manages to put various questions in the audience’s mind. Thus, when the first part of Squid Game is over, we both know the main character, we know how much he needs to earn money, and we know what terrible obstacles are in the way of his attempt to reach his goal. The author is well acquainted with the principles of creating a compelling drama for the audience.

Meanwhile, the viewer has so many questions about the main story that he can not stop watching the work. Because the situation of the characters is unusual and very different from what happens in the real world. But their pains are understood by humans. Because in different modern societies, financial problems have different manifestations and the very high and intense need of people for money has sometimes led them to do the most insane things. Poverty and pain are easily placed under the various layers of the Squid Game series. So it is not difficult to understand many of these people.

But the story does not end well with the script. Much of the power of Squid Game comes from throwing the audience in a timely and accurate manner from the ordinary world into an environment created for insane experiences. If the scene design of the series was not so detailed and exciting, Squid Game might not take the viewer to its fictional world so much.

The product art directing team has an exemplary understanding of the principles of costume design. Therefore, by remembering exaggerated and strange some of the narrative ideas of the work, it shapes the world in front of the audience with a minimalist design. Playgrounds, masks with triangular, circular, and square markings, clothes limited to a handful of colors, and a few very large rooms free of complex architecture are all designed to look special, to influence the engaging atmosphere, and not to be difficult for the audience to understand. . The formation of such an organization may seem illogical. But the audience’s mind easily accepts the space and time drawn in front of their eyes.

Avoiding the use of extra elements in a variety of manufacturing sectors, including makeup, will increase your and your attention to detail. When we are accustomed to seeing a large absolutely white wall for two days, on the third day we quickly notice the smallest black spot attached to it. As a result, even outside the script, Squid Game takes us step-by-step into its mysterious yet believable labyrinth. Of course, most of the dialogues are very well written and most of the actors play their roles well. But if the viewer did not subconsciously accept the possibility of being in this situation, he probably would not have replaced the characters so much and would not have been involved in strange questions many times.

In fact, the excellent visual storytelling of the series is closely linked to the same principles observed for the construction of various elements of its various scenes. Because, for example, this simple and at the same time precise design makes the author not have to explain annoying and detailed issues such as the hierarchy of power of the organizing team.

Ironically, the pinnacle of the Squid Game series may have originated from this storytelling, devoid of clear riddles. Of the few snippets that can be made of this 50-year-old Huang Dong-hyuk, it’s the only answer to too many questions in limited sections, such as the second half. Whereas when the ending of the first episode of Squid Game nailed us, we practically only witnessed strange things happening in a large and believable space. Such an experience is tied to the fact that the audience can repeatedly ask in their minds, “What would I do if I were really one of these people?”

(From now on, the article will spoil parts of the story of 9 episodes of the Squid Game series)

The result of all this is that when Gganbu, the 6th episode of Squid Game, airs, the audience is challenged not only emotionally but also with their thoughts. Apparently, only a few people are playing marbles in an artificial environment. But the viewer in his mind is going through the list of different people with whom he might have entered such a situation. How far did we go to survive? How many people in our lives would we really want to lose to in these seconds in a game with marbles? Is lying in that valley morally wrong at all?

These shocking questions are not going to be answered. The viewer of the Squid Game series is not going to enter such a competition tomorrow. But aren’t we trying to win the same game every day? How many people lie every hour to improve their financial situation and write it down to human natural struggle for survival? How many people in the community face the right human treatment every day because of financial problems, in an ugly way practically less than the rich? The problem is not that people will start a deadly tug-of-war to win money tomorrow. But you know very well that if such a competition is held, a very, very large number of people will not hesitate to pull the strings.

Humans have been involved in such games since childhood. Many children who win in children’s games have better feelings than regular losers; However, the difference between them may be entirely related to their different family financial situations. One child has grown up with good nutrition and good exercise facilities, and another suffers from malnutrition. How many times will the first child win and the second child lose?

Many of the accepted values ​​in modern societies, which strongly influence the moment-by-moment lives of different people, are simply the result of comparisons of different people. From simple concepts such as “being the first student” which refers to the fact that all other students in the class are inferior to one student to “being rich” which is practically valued at not having other people’s money. Why can the owner of an account filled with 100 billion dollars of money practically live like a king? Because almost all other people’s accounts do not have even one-hundredth of this money. While humans claim to be 100% related to a person’s success based on his or her personal efforts in life, the reality is that without the failure of 10 other humans, there will be no meaningful success in modern society.

“Having” in today’s world is synonymous with “not having” other human beings. So we are playing these games every day. We pull the rope as tightly as possible so that everyone can touch us. But in fact, people encourage us when we look at the corpses of people who pulled the rope. Everyone wants to get the most marbles every day; Regardless of the fact that another person can only have a stone instead of marble and only wait for the end of his life with extreme fear.

Squid Game is not without flaws and dramatizes the situation at times like voting time to end matches. There was no need for the voting to go on until the last person and so on. Also, the series over-explains itself, especially during the final 30 minutes. Perhaps if the story had ended with the same bitter frame of the man’s destruction next to the mother’s corpse, the audience would have had more opportunity for theorizing and the semantic power of the work would have increased. Some story holes are also seen by some viewers during this 9-part storytelling.

But the principle of experience really deserves respect and impact. Because it is a serious reminder and warning; To the hundreds of millions of people like me who do not realize how much they have worked for the successes that are linked from zero to one hundred to the failure of tens of other people. Many deaths occur in the Squid Game series and a lot of blood is shed. But some of the scariest moments take place outside the island.

Players escape the filth and horror of the tournament; To return to their scarier lives! A girl who has no way to find her mother and get her brother out of the orphanage. A man who soon loses his office forever, and if he does not make enough money within a month, his organs are sold. A person who seems to be successful and is drowning in such filth that he does not dare to look directly into the eyes of his old mother. An immigrant whose wife and young child continue to live in despair. Which life ?! Get out of the games to achieve what? The minimum rules and challenges of the game are clear. In the real world, different people are finding new ways to hurt people.

Various things, from simple, popular police plots to the detailed introduction of different types and varieties of gray characters, have made Squid Game series have a chance to communicate with different people. Of course, games are not fair either. A doctor who, in collaboration with some of the performers, obtains information about the games, destroys their fairness. A strong man who has the ability to kill others has a better chance of winning on his own. Even here, a perfectly fair competition does not take place without predictable results.

The show from South Korea certainly did not achieve the current huge success for no reason

Worst of all, the main organizer, Front Man, is just talking about fair play. Competition controllers do not care about holding fair competitions anywhere in the world. They just gesture it. They have fun entertaining people. Just think about who the main winners of many of the tests that take place around the world are. Hundreds of thousands who are not accepted, the few who get the top rankings, or those who have received money from individual winners and losers as the cost of the event?

Of course, the organizers of Squid Game competitions do not need money and meet other unnatural needs. When they want to, there is nothing wrong with a violent killer man removing a player with his power. When they want to, a man familiar with glass must lose the ability to recognize the right glass. When they feel like it, after the end of the competition, in a completely unfair way, they break the broken glass of the players’ bodies.

We, humans, are constantly pushed into competitions that seemingly give different people a chance to win. The organizers also keep the general effect, and if someone happens to really win, they give him prizes. But when the experience of “green light, red light” or when trying to cross the fragile bridge, a bitter reality is slapped on the face of the audience; We are struggling to win a title in a competition where on paper all participants may lose.


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