Saints Row – Everything You Need to Know

After 9 years, Deep Silver Volition has decided to bring the Saints Row series back to its prime with a reboot.

Over the past few weeks, Volition Studios has been sharing more information about its product, and with that in mind, we have a pretty good idea about the reboot of the Saints Row series. This information revolves around areas such as character customization, co-op functionality, and gameplay that look incredibly interesting.

Since we’re still a long way from a new GTA, Saints Row could stand a good chance of becoming an open-world crime-oriented number one. In the following, we will discuss this game and its published information.

Saints Row Release Date

Saints Row was originally scheduled to be released on February 25, 2022, but due to issues, it was pushed back to a later date. It shows the new date as August 23, 2022. It should be mentioned that the users of 8th generation consoles have not been forgotten and the game will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PCs.

saints row 2022 gameplay

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Saints Row Gameplay

As we know from the demos of the game, the rebooted version of Saints Row has busy and crazy gameplay just like its classic version. As a result of upgrades, the final experience is smoother and more enjoyable than ever before. Among these upgraded parts, we can mention fight machines, which you will encounter from the very first minutes of the gameplay.

You can start shooting through the windows of the cars or get a better angle to kill the enemies by going on their roofs. Melee animations related to direct physical others are also in good condition. As it seems, you can add a lot of creativity to the gameplay through hand-to-hand battles. For example, in a part of the gameplay video, we see that the main character throws a grenade into the pants of one of the enemies and throws him in the other direction.

In addition to the things we mentioned, the creators have also considered the Quality of life criteria to create a smoother experience for gamers. For example, when you want to go to your desired point on the map, a series of purple guides will appear on the ground and guide you to your destination. On the game map, a series of large and specific signs helps players find their way smoothly and conveniently.

co op split

Co-op Mode

Saints Row has supported co-op mode since day one. Thanks to this mode, you can experience the entire story campaign together with another gamer. Now the second gamer who enters your world can exit whenever they want and return to co-op mode whenever they want. In addition, you should know that you are also able to enter the world of other gamers with your personalized character and kill enemies with your friends.

Saints Row’s co-op mode includes a mechanic called Prank, where you can fill the Prank Meter by completing various challenges. But what exactly does this feature do? Once you’ve filled up your Prank Meter and done the proper grounding, you can turn your friend into a variety of objects, such as a metal can, an envelope, or toilet rocks. You can make interesting scenes using this mechanic if you are a little creative.

saints row story

The Story of The New Saints Row Game and Its Characters

The new Saints Row game includes completely new faces and introduces new characters to the audience. In this game, you take control of a person with the name (or nickname) Boss. You have the task of forming your gang and crime group by gathering different people. Now, as mentioned, you can customize the face and the style of Boss and make him to your taste. Next, other people will be added to you to do missions and great things from your side. In the following, we will try to pay more attention to these people (members of your group).


Saints Row: Eli

Eli is the first face we can mention. Planning and making different strategies is Eli’s responsibility. But why would an intelligent and imaginative person come to a chaotic city like Santo Ileso? Eli’s main purpose in coming to this city is to earn money and start a new business. Of course, he did not intend to build a gangster group in the beginning. He had healthier goals in mind; But unintentionally, he joins the flow of criminals and accompanies them.


Saints Row: Neenah

The next person we will cover is called Neenah. Neenah was part of the Los Panteros gang before joining the Boss team. Driving and mechanics are two of this character’s skills. Art is very important to Neenah and she attaches great value to it. Besides these things, Neenah’s main goal is to earn money and work for herself, so she joins your group called Saints because she doesn’t want to work for anyone.


Saints Row: Kevin

After Ellie and Neenah, we get a character that you either fall in love with or, on opposite fronts, hate from the bottom of your heart. This character, whose name is Kevin, worked in the group Idols Criminals before joining the Saints. Kevin has a comedic character and carries a great deal of humor on his shoulders. In addition, the character in question is a DJ. Kevin loves his friends so much that he is willing to do anything for them. He grew up in an orphanage and is always looking for more excitement and conflict.

characters customization


The Saints Row game customization system is a part that has significant progress compared to previous versions and pays a lot of attention to details. Fortunately, along with the quirky options that match the collection’s sense of humor, there are a lot of leeways to make your character however you want. This freedom of action does not only apply to bosses. There is also the possibility of personalizing the clothes and weapons you use.

saints row

Saints Row: Environment

The city of Santo Ileso, where the story takes place, is divided into 9 different areas. Each has a unique look and feel. For example, the Monte Vista area is for rich people. Its surface is covered with expensive houses and luxury swimming pools. The El Dorado area is a miniature version of Las Vegas, and Rancho Providencia is also known as the home of Los Panteros.

Now, each of the regions and the city of Sano Ileso in general has a long background and history. This has caused an attractive world-building that you rarely see. The game Saints Row takes you to a beautiful area in southwest America. You can encounter fascinating mysteries in addition to beautiful scenery. The Sans-Box mode of this game also creates situations such as dirt tracks and car jumps.


Saints Row: Emotes

As you’ve probably noticed from watching the trailers, the town of Santo Ileso looks incredibly alive and has incredibly happy people. That’s why you may come across people playing music and partying during your adventure. Now, it is interesting to know that Volition studio has done something by adding Emotes so that you can participate in these stomps and enjoy a bit of its happy atmosphere. The new Saints Row game includes over 100 different emotes. You can use it to dance, party, and even play the guitar. The number of emotes is extremely high. It is better not to neglect using them as soon as you experience the game.

Deep Silver Volition


In general, Saints Row contains all the things that we have seen in the first three parts of this series. It may be for some fans exactly what makes them buy this title. All these ideas seem very old by today’s standards, which made this new version not worth much attention as a reboot of this popular game series.

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