Castlevania’s Season 4 – review

A review of the fourth & final season Netflix's Castlevania

Castlevania’s fourth season marks the end of the road for – arguably – one of the best video game adaptations and vampire anime series in recent years. This is the season that concludes the journeys of Trevor, Alucard, Sypha, Saint-Germain, Hector, Isaac, and Carmilla. Here’s our review.

Castlevania’s ending

Continuing from the last season, Castlevania Season 4 has many loose ends that need to be tied up in order to give it a conclusive ending. Another thing that had many viewers concerned was whether or not they’d be able to get that right in a matter of ten episodes.

The telling of Castlevania Season 4’s story starts off a little sluggish. Featuring a reintroduction of the characters – set a few weeks after the closing events of the previous season. This leads into a season that has a very Game of Thrones esq flow to it.

Castlevania’s characters and conflicts

Apart from the Westeros-inspired scenery, the 4th season of Castlevania gives prominence to the multi-sided nature of the chaotic conflicts. Those conflicts include many sides tussling to secure the final victory. As they make their most decisive moves, their actions draw them ever closer to an action-packed finale.

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In this final season, Castlevania leans heavily on some of its greatest strengths, which are the well-thought-out three-dimensional characters. This is then coupled with a good serving of character development, which adds to the depth of each of them. With the developmental arc of each of the main characters driven by one pressing question, can vampires and other beings overcome their differences to build a future for all?

Even though it’s only ten episodes, Castlevania Season 4 introduces a few new characters as well. A vampire named Varney and his accomplice, Ratko. And then there’s Greta, an entertaining addition that awakens the sleeping hero in Alucard.

The Good

Besides the character development, the fourth season of Castlevania does a great job of balancing out the character-focused episodes with the action-oriented ones – with plenty of the bloodbaths that the series has become known for.

The fight scenes radiate the king of intensity that one would expect from a vampire anime series, especially the penultimate. Generally, the studio made the fourth season a well-rounded ending. Despite that, people are not that satisfied.

The Bad

One of the downsides of Castlevania’s fourth season is how some characters’ stories end somewhat abruptly toward the latter portion of the season, making it seem rushed.

Another downer happens quite early on in season 4. In this specific episode during a flashback, the show reveals the core rationale of one of the characters. This may have deprived the series of a bit of intrigue and drama.

All in all, Castlevania’s final season gives a decent enough ending to each character’s journey – regardless of their ultimate fate. The focus on filling in every gap is also a strong point, though fans might feel that 4 seasons is far too short for a series like Castlevania.


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