Project L: Newest project of Riot Games

Riot Games revealed the first details of their next game – a fighting title under the working name Project L

The creators of League of Legends intend to inject themselves into the fighting game community in the near future. Three years ago they announced their Project L – a fighter game from the world of LoL. Now, they finally have something concrete to show. They note that Project L is still in the conceptual phase and that what they have to show now is not the final version of what we will play one day.

Riot’s fighting game will be a tag-team format. That means players will have two fighters in a team and will alternate between them during the match. The controls in the game will be “easy to learn and difficult to master”.

Recent announcements about Project L

On the first of August, Riot announced that Project L would be free-to-play. Executive producer Tom Cannon made this revelation in a video that was uploaded to Twitter. He also assured viewers that the team will incorporate monetization strategies that would be “respectful of both your time and your wallet.”

The game’s core mechanics are in the stages of completion, Cannon stated in the same video. The majority of the team has already begun working on features like competitive play, social systems, and champion design.

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First view of a champion in Project L

illaoi project l concept art

One such champion was briefly showcased in the mentioned Twitter video. Shaun Rivera, the assistant game director, went into more information about him in the following blog post.

Nearly seven years ago, Illaoi was introduced in League of Legends. She uses an artifact called the Eye of God to determine the quality of her opponents’ souls by tearing them from their bodies. Illaoi, a “strong and charismatic spiritual leader,” is described in Project L as having a “dominant physical presence” that provides her with a wide hitbox, powerful strikes, and sluggish speed. She uses her enormous totem in battle, but Nagakabouros, her tentacled god, also lends a hand. The blog contains a ton of in-depth information about her design and gameplay.

What day will Project L be released?

There is currently no formal announcement on the launching date of Project L. The game was still far from finished, they stated, and it was improbable that it would be launched at any point in 2022 during their 2021 game showcase, which took place in November 2021 as part of the massive Arcane event.


There are currently no official platforms for Project L. But it is safe to assume this will be released on a PC because Riot primarily creates PC games like League of Legends and Valorant.

The underlying concern is whether Project L will transition to consoles. Riot has begun to expand beyond PC as they push into new game genres. Riot’s turn-based role-playing game Ruined King was made available on all major consoles. Given that a large portion of the fighting game community plays on consoles, it would make sense for Riot to release their fighting game there as well.

A recent agreement with Microsoft may increase the likelihood of seeing Project L on Xbox gaming consoles. Riot’s games will be included in the PC Game Pass library, it was revealed during this year’s Xbox Bethesda Showcase. The newest combat title from Riot would be a fantastic addition to the Game Pass.

Closing thoughts

It is hard to succeed in the fighter genre. With big titles such as Super Smash Bros, Brawlhalla, and now Multiversus, we are wondering if this game will even be a hit. However, since it comes from Riot and features LoL champions, that may be more likely. Hopefully, soon we will get more information about the game and a beta version.

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