Onwards and Upwards: The rise of voice technology and how brands can benefits from it

Voice technology is a method of using the technology for authentic search results which is built on the base of the interaction with Artificial Intelligence (AI), User Experience (UX) and Internet of Things (IoT).

Since its inception, the rise of voice technology has been outstanding. Data shows that 50% of all the searches on internet will be through voice in 2020. Voice technology is a fine blend of technical marvel and human voice which plays an important role in enhancing the user’s experience. Moreover, as there is lots of advancement in the voice technology by app development firms, we are bound to see some exciting innovations on both the technical side and also on the front of enhancing the user experience.

The enhancement in the usage of voice assistant apps has opened new gateways for companies to increase their userbase and expand their business. The human-machine interaction is the going to lead the baton of technology in the future as the expectations of the modern age consumers change rapidly with time.

The rise in usage of voice assistant apps has been due to the factor that, the voice assistance smartly gets the relevant information without wasting too much time of the consumer.

Let us have an overview of what is voice technology and why it’s becoming so popular and gaining momentum.

What is Voice Technology?

Voice technology is a method of using the technology for authentic search results which is built on the base of the interaction with Artificial Intelligence (AI), User Experience (UX) and Internet of Things (IoT). We have some very popular voice technologies such as Siri for Apple products, Microsoft Cortana for Windows, Google Assistant for Android Devices and many more.

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Why is Voice Technology becoming popular?

The main consumers of the new age technology are the millennial and like every generation, they have a different method of using technology as compared to their previous generation. Research shows that the millennials use voice technology two times more than the generation Z. Moreover, voice assistant are pretty convenient for the users. Precise technological orientation in voice assistant apps gives definite answers to the queries of the users, thus making them popular among the new age users.

Inclusion of voice technologies can make the organizations a leader in their genre and set them apart from the completion. This has given the app development companies the much required thrust to embed and implement voice technology in the apps they develop based on the requirements from the businesses, which can help the businesses ace in their industry.

Let’s have a look how companies can make the most of voice technologies and enhance their user experience in the process.

Better, personalized user experience

Voice assistant apps will make the search process of the users more streamlined as the voice technology can understand what the user wants to say without any language barrier. Moreover, other than the millennials, users belonging to generation Z and before too can use voice technology on a daily basis as it saves them the hassle oftyping and makes the process of searching information easier. Therefore, voice assistant apps can entice the users to stay with your business and increase the user retention rate.

Increasing coordination in the organization

Easier documentation and note sharing process provided by the voice technology plays an important role in increasing the coordination between the employees at the work place. It makes the data accessible to everyone at all levels and thus the employees can be on the same page during a particular project. The voice commands will automate the routine processes. Moreover, setting up meeting timings and reporting of bad or broken devices can be done without wasting much time. Employees can become more productive and can do multitasking through the voice assistant devices as they don’t have to constantly type emails as the voice assistant apps can take care of it.

Avoid the scamsters

Every new technology comes with a baggage of some dark traits and the expansion of Voice technology is no different. There will be scam artists who will try to scam people in order to enrich themselves. Thus, it becomes necessary for the companies to save their users from such scamsters in order to have a long engagement with them. There are many cases of scamsters modulating the voice in order to do malpractices. Therefore, the companies should make sure to provide multi-modal voice options to the user at the app level only. In addition to this, have a concrete voice embedded system which gives the users a tailored experience and keeps the security of the platform intact. Also, giving in-app experiences will give your users and also the brand an extra control over the authentication and help in drastically reducing the chances of scamsters sneaking in.

Making your company class apart

Researches show that 20% of all online buying is done through voice and the market of voice shopping will grow to a whopping $40 billion in the US and 3.5 billion Euros in the UK. Including voice assistant apps will take your company a league ahead of your competitors and increase the chances of user engagement and retention. There is no doubt about the fact that voice searches are substantially faster thantyping.

Through voice, the users can automate their personal and professional tasks and complete it with ease, speed and precision. Having such abundant positives will make the users love your product as voice technology offers invaluable advantages and positives to the organization.

Sustaining the market Share

One of the prime benefits that voice technology will provide to the companies is that it addresses the issue of device fragmentation and provides a sustainable market share to them. Voice technology gives a fast and efficient experience to the user and thus will help the organization to sustain and conquer new markets. Voice technology uses natural language and simplifies the efforts that the user puts in to complete his/her specific goal.

Every new technology has their share of challenges in the initial phase and the story of voice technology is no different.

Implementation challenges for the Organization

The formidable challenge that the companies face related to voice technology is security. The users would like to get assured that all their data stored in the form of audio files are kept safe in a synchronized manner. Moreover, in order to include the non-native speaker in the periphery of the targeted audience, companies need to work ardently in order to improve the speech recognition technology.

Moreover, for voice technology, the companies have to reshape their marketing strategies, product design and even the organization structure.

The final tone

It will become essentially important for the organizations to do a full throttle testing before implementing the voice technology as it demands a whole new working procedure. If the testing process is done correctly, the voice assistant apps will open a whole new horizon for investors and upscale the expansion of your business. It’s all about seizing the opportunities for the business firms in order to sky rocket their business expansion and use voice technology optimally.

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