This is one great fun to play co-op game on a single PC.

Ibb & Obb are two endearing amorphous blob that live in a colorful world populated by strange creatures and fantastical landscapes. But underneath the delightful aesthetics there are beastly challenges in which failures feed into growing frustrations until you just want to scream angrily if these mute protagonists and yet even as your death count spirals to the stratosphere. You’re still pushing your lips in pursuit of a solution. Even you have the choice to venture forth alone, you should avoid that path.

There’s is no Ibb without Obb right beside him

Solo players must control both characters at the same time using one stick for each and it’s akin to rubbing your belly while patting your head, oh- and solving puzzles at the same time.

Thankfully, cooperative play is available locally or online so there’s no need to enter this land by our lonesome . Ibb & Obb are inseparable beings. Its camera hangs when when there’s too much distance between them and if one should die, the other spontaneously combusts moments later .

Your goal is to make your way past the obstacles and enemies who hound you to the welcoming oasis beyond. Gravity is both your biggest ally and strong foe. The Diminutive protagonists aren’t athletically gifted  aside from modest jump they they have no other abilities to brave this dangerous world:
However by leaping through portals the ground becomes the ceiling and vice versa. Circumventing the laws of nature leads you deeper down this treacherous rabbit hole with puzzle surface every few steps forcing you to scan the environment carefully in order to progress.

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There are times a momentum is imperative, by leaping off your buddy’s head and then crashing through a portal.

Figuring out exactly where to jump and where to land takes a bit of experimentation and it is so empowering when you figure out how to progress.

There is a unique pleasure that comes from braving this unnerving world. Putting your head together with your buddy to solve a particularly nasty conundrum makes you feel incredibly smart.

Beneath everything

It is a love-hate relationship that fortunately veers much closer to the love because a warm victory can’t be quenched by the pain of defeat.

Beneath the colorful aesthetics are maddening puzzles that push you to the brink of your sanity before you finally discover how to progress. Just be warned that solo players are in for more frustration that the most could bare. But if you have a solid friendship, Ibb & Obb offers a devilish and satisfying adventure.

Ibb & Obb Review

Graphics - 8.5
Gameplay - 10
Sounds - 9


A beautiful pairing.

A cute-looking minimal platformer.

Ibb & Obb
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