Hypnosis Mic, Rap Battle: An Anime About Battle Rap, With A Tekken Twist

The story takes the effects of music on people and paints them in a hilariously literal nature

We all know that music has the ability to affect the listener, mostly in the form of adjusting ones. Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle approaches this concept with a bit of a Tekken twist to it.

The October 2020 released anime series is the latest from a multimedia project that began in 2017. Hypnosis Mic offers the viewer a unique combination of the Hip hop genre with great character design and popular talent.

The series began with a teaser clip on YouTube, that served as an introduction to the premise of the show and its 12 characters. This was later followed up with the release of CD singles and videos, plunging interested viewers deeper into its funny – and maybe a little bit sexist world. In 2020, Evil line records – with the help of Otomate and Idea Factory, have brought Hypnosis Mic to our screens for a more full filling watch.

The Story 

The story takes the effects of music on people and paints them in a hilariously literal nature. It is played out in a post conflict period under the totalitarian rule of women, where no form of weaponry is to be made or used. In this world, all differences are settled in rap battles – using Hypnosis Mics.

With these mics in hand, MCs turn their lyrical skills into direct psychic attacks against their opponents, bomb blasts, coffins, and pretty much anything that does harm to the other guy.

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Interestingly, for a world controlled by women, they seem to do very little – if any – participating in the rap battles. This is interesting because the entire series revolves around these rap battles. So it is a little strange to me that those who are supposed to run the show don’t seem too “interested”. Besides, it’s not like women don’t have heated disagreements.

None-the-less, the story is both humorous and visually appealing. Moreover, it is told in such a way that it completely sidesteps any form of seriousness – which is probably a good way of limiting the number of viewers complaints regarding political correctness.

The Characters

The series follows four main rap crews – made up of three members each – that represent the different divisions. The MAD TRIGGER CREW represents Yokohama, Matenrou represents Shinjuku, Buster Bros represent Ikebukuro, and the Fling Posse represent Shibuya.


The MAD TRIGGER CREW is made up Aohitsugi Samatoki or Mr.Hc -a bad tempered Yakuza member who used to be part of the Dirty Dawgs, Busujima Mason Rio aka Crazy M, a former soldier known for his merciless approach to conflicts, and Iruma Juto or 45 Rabbit -:a shady policeman who is deeply involved in Yakuza activities.


The Matenrou’s members are Izanami Hifumi aka GIGOLO, who is a bit of a ladies man, Kannonzaka Doppo or DOPPO is a pessimistic office worker with no real friends outside of the crew, and Jinguji Jakurai aka ill-DOC is a former medical doctor who seems fond of odd things and people.

Buster Bros

Yamada Ichirou or MC.B.B is a former delinquent with a strong sense of Justice, Yamada Jirou aka MC.M.B is the middle child of the Yamada family, and Yamada Saburou or MC.L.B is the youngest and best behaved of the lot.

Fling Posse

Yumeno Gentarou aka Phantom is a writer who lies very well, Arisugawa Daisu aka Dead or Alive is a gambling addict who lets a roll of the dice make decisions for him, and Amemura Ramuda or Easy R is the leader of the crew.

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