How to navigate the team for achieving success

People believe in every word said by Nelson Mandela as his wisdom has no doubts.

The leadership qualities of Nelson Mandela are extraordinary, due to which many people follow him in order to achieve success in life. Following are a few characteristics reflected by Nelson Mandela:

  1. The tolerance power of Nelson Mandela was remarkable.
  2. He was very determined to achieve his goals and had firmness in every purpose.
  3. He was very far from hate and believed in non-violence. Nelson Mandela was full of life.
  4. Nelson Mandela was a very patient and humble personality.
  5. He never got distracted by anything and with his extraordinary visionary, he created big pictures, and always tend to achieve it.
  6. The presence of Nelson Mandela was very powerful and positive just like his affirmative thinking.
  7. He was a man of peace and believed in disarming enemies with patience and policy of non-violence.
  8. He aimed to achieve success in every goal and with laser focus he successfully accomplished every mission.

“It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is a danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.” Nelson Mandela

Every person who wants to be successful today should apply the above quote in life. To be a successful leader you will have to go through different situations and you may also have to face different people with a different attitude. Being a leader, it is your responsibility to manage the team and behavior of every person in the team.

Let us divide the quote and begin with understanding the meaning of “leading from behind”.

What benefits will you get by leading from behind?

When you put efforts, you will have to wait for some time to earn trust and loyalty of your team as a result. Put your team in front and keep yourself back to depict your reliability and trust for the team members. By keeping your team at front foot, your team will work with responsibility and sincerity, doesn’t matter you are there or not. You should motivate your team to achieve success. Identify the weaknesses and strengths of every individual in your team and divide the work among them according to their caliber. When you will “put others in front” and keep yourself at back-foot.

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How to celebrate victory?

When you achieve success in accomplishing a challenge, appreciate the dedication and hard work done by your team. Many leaders come in front to get all the credits. Rather than clinking bubbles avoid this common story and reward every person in your team for their individual performance. Every team member should be recognized for the number of efforts and encourage the team to give better performance next time. Celebrate every victory and show your credibility and reliability in the team. Create ownership collectively and recognize individuals in the team for their performance.

What will you do in your worst-case scenario?

Being a leader, you should know how to handle the situation while in danger. Don’t keep yourself under shields and try to navigate the team. You should have competed for understanding to fight different situations and for having the back of the team, provide hard feedback. Involve yourself at the right time to earn respect and appreciation for your leadership.

Nelson Mandela had a writing habit and while spending 27 years of his life in prison he wrote many quotes that proved to be helpful for future leaders. Maybe like Nelson Mandela, your words will also be read by people around the world. To get proficient in writing deep meaning quotes, a short piece of writings or stories you can seek assistance from experts who provide assignment help for writing every style of paper. To check plagiarism, you can use different tools for plagiarism check and Grammarly to remove typos, other grammatical and punctuation errors.

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