4 Pillars of Marketing Strategies You Need for Business Growth

Startup business are like small children, they are only a heap of clay until you make a good piece of sculpture out of it.

Startup business are like small children, they are only a heap of clay until you make a good piece of sculpture out of it. However, it is very important that you spread the range of your business not only in the physical world but in the digital world too.

Having a brick and mortar store is not enough because you can only expand your business reach up to your locality and if your business flourishes then you might add a few more branches in the entire city.

But having an online presence can take your products or your services to the entire world in much less expenditure than you would have done on your franchise stores. For maximum return on investment and long-term success, digital marketing is a must. So here are some tips for you to guide your way through the digital marketing strategies and building your brand online.

Tips on Digital Marketing Strategies:

Digital marketing consists of many aspects. You may find yourself going haywire at first regarding what to do first and what not to do. So this marketing blog is not only about some tips but it is a step by step guide to make you understand the order in which you should proceed to digitize your brand and boost your ecommerce site.

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  1. Create a website

You need to have a digital store front to show people that you are actually an online brand. Implementing digital marketing tactics without creating a website is like going to sing on stage without a microphone. Give and unique domain name for your website so that there is no issue of confusion.

Always remember that .com is the best option for your website. Because the main aim of your online business is to bring sales to your website and boost your ecommerce site for more credibility and popularity.

Create a website with clear graphics and proper responsiveness. Not only make it user-friendly but optimize it for mobile first experience as well. Work on its navigation system so that people have a good customer experience after visiting your site.

  1. Put proper implements on your website

Implementations actually state how a website will be displayed to the customers and how are they going to react to it. Therefore it is mandatory that you follow a particular layout which will give you more traffic, more user engagement, and lead generation.

Call-to-action is a thing which changes the entire outlook of a website. So putting it in the right place will decide your effectiveness in getting your brand an ecommerce site. Content is also an effective part the website because it communicates with your prospects. Hence proper content in proper place is the example as to how you can boost your ecommerce site.

  1. Integrate social media

It is very important that you integrate social media platforms in your business. Not because they are the biggest source leads but because they make your brand reach out to the maximum people and boost your ecommerce site.

Manage your social media team with a social media manager, and create your official account on every social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Watt pad, Tumblr, GoodReads, Habbo, Reddit, Orkut, Douban, ReverbNation, Stumble Upon, Gaia Online, Yammer and many other others.

Social media is still the cheapest marketing technique available (not less than email marketing); not only that, it gives you the maximum credibility, outreach and engagement. In fact, the reach out is in such levels that you can directly communicate with the potential customers.

  1. Start blogging as soon as possible

The only other way you can bring some traffic to your website is by blogging. Content Marketing is one of the most powerful tools for search engine. You won’t get your desired leads until you rank on the top of the search engine results page. For that you need to get as much traffic possible so that you can rank in the top, and through content marketing you will gain those leads.

Therefore blogging is such a part where proper search engine optimization will be done so that it looks appropriate to the Google algorithm (Google bots) to recognize, then only you will be visible in the internet, people will come to know about your brand and your traffic will increase finally leading to top page ranking in the Google search results page. It is often recognized as a milestone to boost your ecommerce site.

So these were the 4 pillars of marketing strategies that you will need in order to succeed in the digital world. Get started this instant, because you never know which diamond mine of financial and business success is waiting for you!

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