Employee Engagement: Why Happiness at Work Matters and How to Encourage it?

Employee happiness is directly related to employee engagement and it is extremely important to any workplace

In today’s uncertain economic environment, evaluating employee happiness may not be high on the list. Moreover, people used to believe that employees didn’t have to be happy at work to succeed. This is guff ignoring employee happiness can lead to the risk of failing to achieve business goals and becoming an unattractive prospect to potential employees.

The Pursuit of Happiness being a fundamental right of the US people, a lot of employers have started to take employee happiness seriously. Furthermore, many researchers have proved that happy people are better workers. Those who are engaged with people they like are found to work harder and smarter. It was also found that happy employees are more engaged and far more productive than unhappy employees.

On the other hand, unhappy employees are not committed to their organization and are disengaged. This proves that employee happiness is directly related to employee engagement and it is extremely important to any workplace. An organization that nurtures employee engagement is going to perform better overall. So, how do you boost employee happiness? Here are some of our biggest takeaways that can help your organization support employee happiness and increase employee engagement.

1. Acknowledge Efforts

One of the most powerful ways to increase employee happiness is to appreciate your employees efforts. A recent study found that employees who were appreciated for their hard work worked harder than others. Create an employee recognition program to acknowledge employees who have been delivering their best to the organization. A simple shout-out can make the employees feel that their work matters to you. Next time if you notice an employee having good work ethics, don’t hesitate to appreciate it and show them how much it means for your company.

2. Rewards

Rewards can work wonders when it comes to improving employee happiness. The reward system imposes a positive mindset among the employees. The right blend of employee appreciation and reward systems can offer innumerable benefits. Having a proper reward system in place can make employees love their jobs and encourage them to work better. Some sort of reward to look forward can create healthy competition among the employees.

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3. Reach Employees Where They Are

You can use an employee engagement app that your employees can access from anywhere to get connected with you. This will be more useful to front line employees and employees facing the customers directly. Instead of having to sit down at their desk to provide any updates, they can use this employee engagement app to access or share any update. It saves time and improves employee productivity. It can also help them communicate with their in-office colleagues without any communication barriers.

4. Offer Opportunities For Growth

Providing a room to grow their knowledge and skills can make the employees happiest. But, providing such opportunities can be a daunting task. You can find great training programs or online classes for your employees, but will lack the resources and environment to manage such programs or classes. Under such situations, you can use the employee motivation app to provide learning opportunities for the employees and improve employee engagement.

5. Remove Communication Barriers

Communication plays an important role in the growth of any organization. Unfortunately, it is also one of the biggest problems employees face in the organization. Employees will not be able to find the resources they need or do not know whom to contact for a particular issue. Such communication problems create frustration among employees. Whereas efficient communication inside the organization can help the employees concentrate on their core task and get it done quickly. This, in turn, improves engagement and productivity. For effective communication, you can use an employee engagement app designed with an integrated search feature to make everything discernible.

6. Improve the Culture

Encourage a fair workplace culture. This means having fair compensation, fair promotions, and letting your employees mingle and socialize with everyone in the workplace. You can also promote a culture of fun to improve employee engagement. This is because employees who spend time together doing fun activities can collaborate better, gets motivated, and solve interpersonal conflicts. This can also make them less stressed and happier, thereby increasing employee engagement. Fun culture also creates a feeling of unity among the employees.

7. Listen to Your Employees

Use your employee communication app as a means to get ideas and suggestions from your employees. It lets you know the mindset of your employees. Also, letting employees share their ideas and opinions can make them happier and improve their engagement. Your employees will also face various problems in the workplace. Unhappy employees can harm employee engagement. Have a fair dispute redressal mechanism to listen to the disputes and grievances of the employees. This can help in reducing the stress of the employees, improve their mental health, and makes them happy.

To Sum Up

Employee happiness is a major factor that contributes to employee engagement. Focusing on employees happiness at the workplace is the first step you can take towards improving employee engagement. These 7 points are a roadmap for improving employee engagement and there are many other ways. Promote a happy workplace culture and you will get the benefits in the long-run.

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