Top 7 Training Apps For New Piano Teachers

These days, piano or other musical instruments learning become easy.

Just by downloading an application, you can be a master of playing your favourite music. If you are a piano teacher then these apps will really help your students to learn faster. Teachers can get a good knowledge of the latest tunes and music mixing from these apps. Therefore, these apps will assist them to learn with fun from their favourite device.

Therefore, to help you, this write-up is framed top 7 piano apps by considering rating and reviews on the app store.

Real Piano Teacher 2019

Learning piano by real piano teacher 2019 becomes easy and interesting. Teachers can find top games and best music here. This app contains hundreds of lessons including music tiles, keys and games. A beginner can play any song without practice. Pupils can also record music, playback features and beautiful lightening animations. This is a highly rated app to learn not only piano but also organ, guitar and many more. Another key feature of this app is that it supports your android mobile and tablet.

Piano teacher

Piano Teacher is another high rated app. It will help you to learn music from scratch. One can easily learn the basic and understand how to work with notes. Paying attention to this app will enable you to be a master of your favourite app in few days only. Between the 4 most used modes, one can get training in any of their choice formats. The best part of this game is that you can control the duration of the game and for successful passing – additional points are counted.


As the name defines, this application is best suited for those who do not yet know the notes. Here is a piano keyboard for four octaves. Just by pressing any key correct name of the note and its designation in the bass or treble clef displayed on the screen. Check the settings: if it is easier for you to first remember the Italian names of the notes. You can also track your progress with built-in tests. When you are well acquainted with the musical staff, you can proceed to the study of frets and chords. Be sure to check out the informational section that contains information about important musical symbols, such as stacсato or sforzando.

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Learn To Read Music Notes

This application helps to learn musical notation. Here you need to press on the piano keyboard, you will found those keys that correspond to the notes depicted on the slides. It is worth considering that the tests in this piano app are quite difficult. So, you often need to define notes on additional rulers, which are difficult to calculate in your mind. But this is not all: you can also learn to distinguish musical intervals and even learn the signs in the keys of the quint-quart circle. The application is quite mercilessly making a rating of the accuracy of the answers and allows meticulously to follow your own progress in the study of notes.

FingerPiano Plus

This app is a training simulator that allows you to learn how to play simple and complex melodies. You will find a choice of 7 different pianos that differ from sound and of course, this app has more than a hundred free melodies. You can also purchase an additional two hundred songs for training. For the “teapot” – this is one of the best applications, evidenced by its popularity and a large number of downloads. It gives a good sound and there are so many tunes to choose from. This is an app where everyone will find something to their taste.

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is one of the key pieces in the history of classical music. Today, thanks to the sound recording technique that makes it possible to heard on many interpretations. With this application, it becomes easier to compare the four interpretations of conductors Fritschay, Karajan, Bernstein and Gardiner.
You can conveniently switch between the course of listening to a symphony from one record to another while watching the score. You can also look here at the orchestral scheme in sections and read the comments of musicologists with an analysis of the symphony. Unfortunately, it is possible to try all these features in the free test version of the application only for one small excerpt from the second part. It is better to download the full version on the iPad.

Ear trainer

This application has a rather strict design and it may even seem that it was created exclusively for music students. But this is not so: even non-professional musicians can develop their musical ear with it. Here you can learn to identify small and large intervals, reduced and enlarged, minor and major scales and chords and try to record the melodic phrases of three notes from the ear. There are 100s of chord available in this app, you can select, change or even break the chord as per your convenience.

Bottom Line

In general, the applications from this article will not only help your students to learn and play their favourite tunes on the piano. But also, it is an excellent confirmation that in modern realities persons who are eager to gain new knowledge and skills can learn through technology innovation. On the same side, we cannot deny the fact that piano shools and classes are best to get an education and develop overall development. These act as helping hand for teachers and students to get knowledge.

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