DC’s Dark Nights Death Metal Crossover Event Took A Surprising Turn With The Introduction of A Lobo Batman

Comic book giant, DC’s, Batman crossover event, Dark Nights Death Metal took a turn for the crazier when it introduced a Lobo Bruce Wayne to the mix. A Batman with the strength & attitude of lobo is one thing, but add the actual Bastich to the equation, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for carnage & destruction.

The Dark Nights Death Metal crossover event was one that saw the Dark Knight take on many of the characteristics, and appearances, of some of the DC universe’s best known characters. Taking an unorthodox – and surprising –  approach to the  DC comics canon, the crossover event gained critical acclaim for all the interesting iterations of Batman it presented copy-after-copy. However, it went – full throttle – into the wild side when, in this 5th installment, the Bat was fuzed with the Main Man.

Creative duo, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, introduced the unapologetically boisterous last Czarnian, Lobo into the Dark Nights Narrative in a fashion, fitting for a character such as the Bastich. The Intergalactic bounty hunter finds himself pitted against a Bruce Wayne who has injected himself with Czarnian DNA, in order to meet Lobo on an equal footing. This introduction led to a three part spin-off, starring Lobo, Dark Nights Death Metal Infinite Hour Exxxteme.

“Pull up a chair, ya bastiches-it’s time for Uncle Lobo’s Infinite Hour! It’s your chance to let the Main Man Lobo-tomize you with familiar yet freaky stories of the DC Universe, exactly as he remembers them: with blood and guts and exxxtreme gratuitous violence! Tell yer comics guy to put you down for alllll the copies!” – Lobo

Lobo had featured, rather briefly, earlier in the Dark Nights crossover event, before being sent on a mysterious assignment – across the university – by employer, Lex Luther.  Dark Night Death Metal Infinite Hour Exxxtreme ties in the happenings that took place during the Main Man’s trip across the universe, in three parts. Each book in the tie-in  is done by a different creative team, but the overall feel remains  in keeping with the overall spirit of the narrative.

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While minding his Bastich business, Lobo is accosted by a part-Czarnian Batman – who resembles Lobo in appearance, and attitude – who refers to himself as The Batman who Frags. This character takes on the role of antagonist, to Lobo’s anti-hero.

This special is a full throttle, from-start-to-finish, brutality extravaganza that fans of the parodical antihero’s antics. In the first book, Becky Cloonan sets the stage for some developments that ripple into the main crossover narrative. While, in the last book, Humphries tails a set of light hearted – but still very Lobo – tails, that give new-comers a glimpse into the psyche of the Main Man.

Tyler Kirkman’s pencil work is given vivid, and fitting, life by colorist Arif Prianto. The two work to patch together the most thrilling action sequences of the spin-off, while Lobo contends with the Batman who Frags. Rags Morales, & Andrew Dalhouse, on the other hand, lend experience with the introduction of a character that Morales has a history with, while Cowan, Sotomayor,  and Sienkiewicz deliver a telling of iconic DC events, from the Main Man’s perspective.

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