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Boost your rankings with available SEO tools

The value of free SEO tools is very high since they do the job for most WordPress website design companies

Are you a WordPress website design company? Are you looking for some of the most useful free SEO tools? Here we will look at an exclusive list of best free SEO tools. Any top WordPress website design company uses premium tools due to the tool’s advanced functionality and on-call support.

Online businesses always value Top-end SEO tools.

Nevertheless, the value of free SEO tools is very high since they do the job for most WordPress website design companies. With the new trades that are emerging, you will have to up your SEO game to cope with the change.

1.    Google Analytics

If you are serious about SEO, Google Analytics is a tool you don’t want to lack. Google, without doubt, has the best free SEO tools. The tool provides unlimited and useful data about your website’s traffic source, the amount of traffic, and the location where most site visitors are from.

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With all the information Google Analytics provides, as a WordPress website design company, you can plan, strategize, and know what will work for my business and what will not.

2.     Answer The Public

The tool is handy since it finds the questions most people ask on blogs, social media, and forums. The items are then changed into top keywords. Anyone doing basic keyword research, Answer the Public offers a lot of keywords to use.

You key in a keyword, then the tool fetches popular questions on the keyword, and it provides phrases people are using when they search for the keyword. Answer the Public will provide insights into the concerns and desires of site visitors to your WordPress website design company.

3.   SEMrush

SEMrush is a keyword research SEO tool that provides information about the keywords other 4.    Keyworddit

The tool sources for keywords used by subreddits on Reddit, and it provides context. The context provided by the tool has a thread of where a keyword was used. By simply typing a specific subreddit, the machines extract some keywords together with their monthly search volume.

With the tool, you know and understand the topics your audience will be very interested in.

5.   Woorank

Looking to improve your site’s SEO? Woorank will provide you with useful insights to help you achieve your website goals. You will know your overall SEO score. The tool then shows you steps to improve the site’s on-page and off-page SEO.

Woorank has an SEO checklist that will fix some of the SEO issues you will find if you follow all the steps to the letter. The tool’s mobile section will provide you with information on how the site pages are rendering on mobile phones and their loading time.

6.    Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile-Friendly Test helps by determining how your site is optimized on smartphones and tablets. By simply keying in your site URL, the tool tells you whether your website is mobile user-friendly or not. The suggestions the tool offers will help you in making your site more mobile-friendly. When your site passes the tool’s test, Google has already counted it as a mobile-friendly website.

7.   Keywords Everywhere

The tool provides the CPC, search volume, and competition data on Google for all the major search engines. The device offers free data to most sites on Google. Some of the places include Google Trends, Answer The Public, eBay, YouTube, Etsy, Google Analytics, Majestic, Google Search Console, Keyword Shitter, and Amazon.

The tool comes as a browser extension available for both chrome and firefox.

8.    Google Search Console

The Google Search Console completes every free SEO tools list. You can use the tool to check the site’s rankings in SERPs. All the data provided by the device comes straight from Google. The tool provides insights on Indexation issues, sitemap status, keyword performance, URL performance, and mobile usability.

9.   Bing Webmaster Tools

The Bing Webmaster Tools works similarly to Google Search Console, only that it does that on Bing. The tool helps your page to also rank in Bing. The device works by providing relevant keywords on Bing that can improve the quality of your content and pages.

The data comes strictly from organic searches. The tool’s Application Programming Interface (API) will allow you to access their website information.

Getting started with SEO is very easy today. There are many free tools to use as a newbie or WordPress design company on a tight budget. The above tools will offer you a great feature that,

if used correctly, produces remarkable results for your WordPress website design company.

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