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6 tips to hack your way to amazing Facebook Experience!

Facebook is a great socializing app.

But unfortunately, not all of us are aware of its customizing features which can make the Facebook experience all the more better for us. If you’re looking for better privacy features or want your Facebook interface to turn into some savior mode then there are little handy tips and tricks to it. We are going to share a few crazy tips which will help you explore social media all the more efficiently.

1.      Want to remove your last name? No problem:

We all at some point feel disgusted by random people looking us up on social media platforms. It happens all the time. Technically Facebook requires you to submit your first and last name while creating your account. But it is possible to get your last name removed from the Facebook profile. If you’ve tried and failed to do so already then try this method. Once you’ve created your profile, you can easily bypass this feature, and only your first name will appear across facebook.

  • Firstly you need to update your proxy settings.
  • Go to settings and then language settings
  • Choose language Bahasa Indonesian for the buttons, titles, and texts.
  • Chrome will automatically translate the page into English for you.
  • Now again go to settings -> personal information -> Name -> Delete your last name and save the changes.
  • Now change the language settings back to English and viola your name has been changed.

2.      Facebook Townhall:

If you are into politics and stuff then Facebook townhall is an interesting place to be at. You can get involved with your local government and representatives through Facebook Townhall. Get more involved in local politics and stay updated with the news and views. You can also contact the representatives or point them out for any related issue.

3.      Block the apps and games invitations:

Millions of invitations from different gaming and other apps, bombard our notification corner every single day. Now most of us don’t even bother opening up the notifications. You can get rid of these annoying notifications by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to settings -> Blocking. Scroll down to Block app invites
  • Enter the name of the people who particularly have an invite triggering finger
  • And voila you’ve blocked them annoying individuals from inviting you.

4.      Download Entire Facebook Albums:

No need to download every photo manually when you can download the entire album at once. Facebook doesn’t provide the feature of downloading the entire album at once. Instead of wasting time on downloading every picture of the conference you attended last week get the chrome extension to download yourself the albums from your Facebook friends.

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  • Get the chrome extension
  • Find the photo album you want to download
  • Enable the DownAlbum extension by clicking on the icon and then choosing “Normal”
  • A new page will appear with the photo album. Press Ctrl + S to save the album at once.

The album will be downloaded to your machine within seconds.

5.      Switch your news feed to most recent:

The new dreadful algorithm change of Facebook shows us the new recipes whereas we want to know what is happening around or what our friends are doing on their social profiles. For example, you want to follow the Cox communications page more actively. You’d want to be posted with the news of  rather than that of some random guy doing some stunts on his rooftop. You can always switch back to the old settings of “most recent”, where posts won’t be shown because of their popularity or supposed relevance rather they will be shown in a chronological manner.

  • Log into your Facebook account on PC and go to the sidebar of the News Feed.
  • Click the three dots on the left side of the news feed
  • Choose the most recent stories (by default it will be top stories)

And you’ll get the most relevant and latest news into your feed now.

6.      Mute Group conversations that are smashing your phone up.

We all know this annoying feeling when we are expecting a text from someone and the phone beeps. You get all too excited then unlock the phone to see a useless message in some corporate group sharing some stupid link or two people debating about something which doesn’t concern you. Well, you can mute such conversations. Facebook provides a muting feature to mute the conversations that make your phone go all crazy as soon as you connect with Wi-Fi.

  • Go to the conversation
  • Tap on the gear icon on the upper right corner
  • Find the option of mute conversation

The above-mentioned tips will help you utilize your Facebook account all the more smartly. With these hacks, you can utilize the full potential of Facebook. These tips will introduce you to the hidden features of Facebook which most people were unable to access before.

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