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Social Media and Engagement: 3 Tips to Strengthen the Never-Ending Bond

Social media and engagement are inseparable.

They are deeply connected. Social media is for engagement. And without engagement, social media is destined to hit the skids. Social networking platforms have become practically so powerful that they impact our decisions significantly.

They are trendsetters, and every brand has its page and profile on different social media platforms. From Facebook to Twitter and Quora, every platform is equally important to take the attention of any particular brand to the next level.

A relationship between social media and engagement is unstoppable. It’s a sure quick way to build reputation and recognition in different communities. Ever since, the numbers of smartphone users escalated, a vast majority of people regularly visit these social media channels and ultimately it develops a vibrant and stronger community.

Right here, I’m sharing three infallible tips to strengthen the never-ending and lasting bond between social media and engagement. Follow me and enjoy the ride towards the awakening.

1- Develop a Personality

You should develop a personality on social media. From here, people will come to know about your character. They will be at ease of knowing about you and finding you. They will have a clear view of what do you want and what should a client expect from you. A brand’s personality on social media should be easy-to-perceive.

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Well, if you want to outgrow your business and products, then no other place is sufficient enough to short the distances between you and the accomplishment than social media.

However, you can’t mesmerize anybody unless you work on developing your inner personality. And, if this personality is relatable, then it will wear the role of the magnet and magnet attracts. Long story short, develop an astounding character on social media and connecting with people would be as easy as A-B-C.

2- Answer People in Real Time, Share Good Moments and Messages

When you answer people in real time, they feel empathized, catered and welcomed. It’s all about emotional bonding and relationship building. Share good moments with your fans on social media, your daily activities, and videos of newly launched products. And, it’s the way to make a soft corner in the hearts of your clients.

Technology has advanced dramatically in the past few years that now bots are being used as a customer support representative to engage people and provide quick feedback of their queries.  A constant interaction matters most. It’s inevitable digital marketing companies to create an environment of friendliness and affinity on social media to create a lasting bond with an audience living across the globe.

3- A Video is 30x More Effective Than Just a Text Content

A video is 30x more useful than just written content. You need to bear in mind that engagement is purely volatile, if you can’t catch it first-hand, it’s challenging to get it back. It’s difficult to work your way towards creation tools, content or whatever for getting the attention of your targeted audience. On the other hand, it’s too easy to lose the confidence of people coming to your social media profiles or website. And, the reason is your content is too boring and inundated with dullness.

Well, it’s not tricky to revamp your social marketing strategy, you can comfortably raise your inflow of visitors to your website and social media. Just do one thing- Make a video and share it on social media channels. Time will come; you will realize definite increment in your engagement ratio. That’s why; video marketing is becoming rampant. On average, a video is 30 times is more effective than just text content. Are you ready to make videos right away? Take your standards and preferences to the next-level and see yourself living on the high levels of stability.


It’s an engagement that’s most important across all channels. That’s why; I researched and covered three critical things- a) How a brand should develop a personality, b) Respond people in real-time, share your experiences, c) A video is a game-changer for an online marketing campaign to provide you first-hand information. They are saving graces, and you’re going to find your brand on new heights.


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Mohammad Ali

Muhammad Lakhani is one of the emerging entrepreneurs of Orlando, Florida. He has recently started his Digital Agency and has earned worth $10M+ since he started 5 months ago.
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