5 of the Best Tools for Distance Learning

As today's uncertain times have shown, distance learning will be vital in the years ahead, given how face-to-face interaction might not always be feasible.

Educators must prepare for this as there are a variety of factors to consider and make up for, notably the lack of personal meetings, distance constraints, and time or scheduling variances. Fortunately, there are some applications and tools that can help ease educators into this new era, and we’ve compiled a list of the best tools for just that.


Docebo is one of the many learning management systems (LMS) available that lets you organise, distribute, and monitor online courses for formal learning. Its differentiator, though, is that it makes learning a collaborative effort by allowing learners to ask their instructors questions about the different courses being offered. Moreover, learners are permitted, and actually encouraged, to share their own learning with others. Additionally, a Finances Online review of Docebo raves about the platform’s personalised learning experiences that helps keep learners’ focus for far longer as opposed to other LMS options. Overall, Docebo is a straightforward, easy-to-use platform — which is good news for teachers who won’t have to go through a steep learning curve to maximise Docebo’s advantages.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a popular teaching tool used worldwide, so chances are you’ve encountered it, or are familiar with it to some degree. According to an Express tutorial, Google Classroom is the perfect platform for helping teachers and students stay in touch. In particular, teachers can use Google Classroom to set up a virtual class where they can continue teaching students despite distance differences. In addition, it can also be utilised to organise and manage learning-related tasks and activities, making it a suitable, effective, and paper-free teaching aid. It can even be used with other Google applications, like Docs and Drive, to seamlessly integrate other resources.

Pear Deck

Interaction helps facilitate faster and better learning. This is where Pear Deck comes in handy, as it’ll give educators a platform that fosters interaction. A list by HP on best distance learning tools for teachers details how Pear Deck lets educators host slide presentations that students can interact with. This means they can stay engaged by drawing directly onto the slides, making their own notes, inputting additional details, writing down questions, and answering multiple-choice-type exercises. Even better, Pear Deck has a Google Slides integration feature, which allows students to peruse the Internet directly from lectures. It has even collaborated with other learning and education-related platforms and programs, like Google’s Be Internet Awesome, Newsela, and Encyclopaedia Britannica, to provide more features (interactive learning topics from current events, for instance) and even greater value to its users.


Camtasia is actually a screen recording and video editing software, but it can also be used to deliver e-courses. This software allows educators to make fully customised video lectures and other various presentations for topics that require a more in-depth discussion, which can be shared online as teachers see fit. With this software, teachers will have an excellent, easy-to-use means to make visually appealing visual aids that can ensure effective distance learning.

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Assessment is crucial to keeping track of learning — and QuizStar is most useful in this regard. A post by Education World about online tools for teachers describes QuizStar as a free, web-based platform that lets teachers come up with objective tests, which students can then take online. More than that, the platform itself can do the checking and grading, which effectively eliminates a cumbersome, time-consuming task. QuizStar also makes real-time feedback possible, as students can, with the teacher’s permission, immediately view the results of their tests so they can review the items they got wrong.

For those who are teaching musical instruments like the piano, check out our ‘Top 7 Training Apps For New Piano Teachers’ post.

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