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10 Online Games to Help You Not Get Bored During a Pandemic

Wondering how to cope with boredom during a pandemic? We prepared a list of genuinely amazing board games online that enable us to connect with your friends even if you are not in the same space.

The measures taken in an attempt to combat the Coronavirus pandemic caused different people to react in different ways. Many people became bored with doing the same things repeatedly, not seeing their loved ones, not going to bars, etc.

If you find yourself in this third group, then this text is ideal for you. We are discussing some of the popular games, such as £5 deposit slots that you can play online and connect with your friends.

Why You Should Play Games Online

So, why games are right for you? Well, for starters, they promote problem-solving skills, improve your mood, promote creativity, and so on. If you want to get more informed about the benefits of playing games online, you can do it here.

Ten Amazing Games


It is one of the most known board games that exist as an online version as well. There are various versions for your smartphone, laptop, and even game console.

You can play it against the computer or with friends.

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Settlers of Catan

If you are a fan of board games online that this is will be a jewel for you. The idea of the game is that players function as settlers who are building their houses and settlements. At the same time, you interact with others by getting resources and trading.


You can play this type of game at home and on the computer. It is based on the idea that four diseases spread throughout the world. The players have to work together to find a cure and stop the contagion before the pandemic.


Fortnite is another one of the games online that quickly gained popularity. Teenagers like it, mainly because it is a shooter game, but adults aren’t immune to it either. Many people say that it is an excellent way to unwind after a long day.

Cards Against Humanity

This is one of the most liked games in 2020. It is not just what you would call an adult-only game. It is designed mainly for those who enjoy engaging in games that include offensive and politically incorrect language.


Splendor is a fantastic game ideal for people who are complete beginners in the world of online gaming. It is effortless but has impressive visuals. The players collect the gems which they use to buy cards and gain points.


Anyone who likes to build will enjoy this wonderfully original game. If you never heard about, try to imagine an online version of Lego to understand how it functions. You can play it with up to seven friends.

Seven Wonders

This game is fantastic, but maybe not for everyone because it requires you to be attentive and patient. On second thought, perhaps if some of these things are your weak point, it can be a chance for you to practice. It can be challenging at first, but the more you do it, the better you will get.

The Game of Life

Otherwise known as simply Life, this game is a simulation of a person’s life journey from university to retirement. It is one of the fun games online liked by children and adults alike. Two to six players can play it.

Words with Friends 2

Every Scrabble lover will be thrilled to play this game. It is practically the same, except the app allows you to make words and challenge different people worldwide. But of course, you can keep playing with your friends and family.


It makes perfect sense that staying at home, especially for such an extended period, can be downright frustrating. However, you can make things easier for yourself, thanks to so many excellent games online. Have you played some that we didn’t mention today?

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