Unreal Engine Powered, Hubris VR Game To Emerse Gamers In Vivid Alien World

The VR First-Person-Shooter puts the player in the virtual hands of a recruit of a multi galactic organization known as  the Order Of Objectivity

Developed using the Unreal gaming Engine, Belgian videogame house, Cyborn‘s upcoming VR title, Hubris promises to emerse gamers in a vivid, strikingly beautiful, alien world. Set for release in the fourth quarter of 2021, Hubris may be one of the best rendered VR titles slated to go public this year.

Set to be released in the Northern Hemisphere’s fall, Hubris VR is a bit of an enigma, as aside from a trailer and some promotional lines, we don’t have much to go on regarding gameplay. The game’s visuals however, have set many a critical tongue wagging with excitement at the title’s impending release. 

Slated to release on PlayStation VR, Steam VR, and Oculus platforms, the VR First-Person-Shooter puts the player in the virtual hands of a recruit of a multi galactic organization known as  the Order Of Objectivity. Said recruit is sent to a stunningly designed world, in search of an Agent of theirs. Aided by a pilot named Lucia, one gets a complete VR workout, interacting with the landscape and water while combating the Order Of Objectibity’s enemies – all while the planet is being Terra-Formed.

The Sci-Fi theme shines through quite conspicuously as the gaming stable’s latest title will be released in episodes. The first episode’s trailer footage offers an impressive glimpse into what players can expect. With help from Unreal gaming engine, players will move through his, vividly realistic, hostile environment, trying to survive exhilarating fire fights, explosions and various other perils, while pausing to solve puzzles, and make friends who help uncover the OOO’s dirty laundry

Why We’re Excited

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Hubris’ visuals set it among a handful of VR titles that are visually worth writing home about. This title joins a pantheon populated by few; Arizona Sunshine, Half-Life: Alyx, and  Phantom: Covert Ops are recent visual masterpieces that spring to mind. 

About Cyborn

Cyborm Games is a 3D animation/app studio based in Antwerp, Belgium. The firm was founded by current CEO, Agemans Cyborn, way back in 1998. At first, the firm was a 3D animation firm, like Pixar, but has since moved into other fields, such as VR apps, and for-hire work in the medical, film, and gaming industries.

Hubris is the latest in a series of releases (apps, games, animated series, etc, these guys are busy,) and is set to launch in the fourth quarter of this year. The game will be followed by an accompanying miniseries called Terra-former. 

Rounding Off

Coming from a firm that prides itself on being at the forefront of technology, Hubris is a VR title that really got critics beside themselves with anticipation. With a trailer that indicates that the game will really deliver on the excitement factor, who wouldn’t? 

If gameplay  – which we still know nothing about – is anything close to other titles in its league, intuitive, and realistic, then Hubris seems to promise a hell of an immersive experience. Here’s hoping it sets the tone for classic gaming series. 

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