League of Legends vs Smite – Which game is better?

LoL is a giant title in the MOBA genre, but in a match of League of Legends vs Smite who would take the win?

Multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA for short, is a rapidly growing genre of videogames. For a lot of years League of Legends has dominated the market of this entire genre, but things are changing. New videogames by lesser-known studios have proven to be a real match to LoL. So, who’s the best? 

What is MOBA?

A typical match of a MOBA game looks something like this. Two teams compete on a predefined battlefield. Each player controls one character with special abilities and the main objective is to destroy the enemy’s main structure, typically located on the opposite sides of the map. Along with real players, we can also find AI units that spawn periodically. Even though MOBA started out as a subgenre of strategy video games, Smite, as one example, doesn’t fall in that category. 

League of Legends vs Smite: Gameplay

The absolute main difference between League of Legends and Smite is the point of view.

League uses a top-down view which gives the player a good overview of everything around them. To use your attacks you are supposed to right-click the floor. This style of gameplay is characteristic of older strategic games like Warcraft III. 


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On the other hand, Smite brought something revolutionary to the MOBA genre. Instead of the classical top view, they introduced a third-person view. Even though this makes you unable to see other things except for your own lane, it feels a lot more modern and natural. Now, which you would prefer depends solely on your taste. 


League of Legends vs Smite: Visuals

Anyone who is familiar with both games knows who will win in this category. Smite visuals are extremely beautiful. The design of all the gods is remarkable and the spells feel very powerful. In contrast, League looks much worse. That isn’t to say that the visuals in LoL are bad, but just not on par with Smite. Also, to be transparent, the point of view had the biggest impact here. 


Characters or ‘’Champions’’ in League of Legend are completely original and there is more than 140 of them. With such a big number you are guaranteed to find some that you like. Also, there are six classes available right now: Assassin, Fighter, Mage, Support, Tank, and Marksman.

league of legends gods

On the other hand, the characters in Smite are referred to as Gods and they are modeled after real gods from mythology such as Zeus, Thor, Da Ji, etc. Also, each season Smite features interesting skins, sometimes even from real-life like Avatar, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Slipknot, etc. However, the total number of playable gods as of now is 120. Smite is expected to overthrow League at some point because of their more frequent updates.


MOBA is the pioneer in Esports for a long time now with LoL having one if not the biggest esports championship in the whole industry. It is called Worlds and takes place every year. The prize pool last year was 2.18 million dollars. 

Smite, however, has a smaller esports tournament. That is not a surprise since they have about 6 million active monthly players while LoL has about 120 million. Considering they are both free games it is strange that they have such a big difference between them


League of Legends has certainly made a name for itself in the MOBA genre. So far, almost none can compare to their player base and engagement. However, Smite has been steadily improving and adding new things. In the future, it will definitely be on par with LoL. Now, which game is better definitely comes down to personal taste, depending on if you prefer a top view or a third-person view.

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