How do free to play games make money?

Most of the people who play free online games have a question in their minds that how companies earn money with these games.

Why they promote and offer free video games to play. While you are cheerfully busy in crushing candies, defeating your competitors, you might have a second thought in your mind. Do you know they are using your hard work in making money? Have a look at these ways how companies make money through free online games.

Through micro-transactions

Micro-transactions are the little things that you might pay to go at the next level of the game or to get the special power in a game or to enhance your gaming experience. These micro-transactions help companies to earn money. While some video games advertise products while playing. If you like one of those products and your purchase for them, you are not paying just to the product’s company but as well as a little commission is offered to the gaming company, therefore, gaming companies earn money.

Some gaming companies allow you to have an ad-free online gaming free in return for a micro-transaction. Some players are ready to pay such a small amount of money to enhance their gaming experience. This also helps gaming companies to earn money online.

Via advertisements

Usually, advertisements are there in between the video games. If you click on a specific ad, the advertisement company gives a small amount of money to the gaming company. It is a kind of pay per click. This allows companies to generate a good amount of money. Some company does use this click model while other does not. While on the other hand, some companies offer advertisement revenue to gaming companies just because a game player is watching the advertisement.

Many be a company is not preferring any of the above-given methods, but it does not mean that a gaming company is not earning money.

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Gaming companies are selling you

Remember that gaming companies are earning money by selling you. Yes, you are reading it right. Gaming companies are selling you to earn money. The more the players are there to play a game, the more a game is popular, the higher will be the earnings of the gaming company. By having a huge collection of free players, the game guarantees a pool of candidates who love to play the same games. Games are designed in a way that a game player invites other people to play games for free. And because the games are completely free, therefore, a person does not think twice or thrice to play it. It brings more and more player towards the game as well as increase the impressions of the game, therefore, more will be the earnings of a player.

Bottom line:

Yes, there are several ways that allow companies to earn money via free online games such as Raft Wars. Now, don’t think twice playing video games as the hard work you do in playing video games results in earning money for gaming companies who works for you to get a good time while playing games.

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