Finding the Right Ecommerce Software for Your Online Business

These days Ecommerce businesses have multiple options to sell their products.

One way is to avail services from marketplaces that charge a minimal fee for listing the products. The well-known platforms include eBay, Amazon, AliBaba and much more. These platforms offer many opportunities to market and sell the products to a huge community of users.

However, if you want to have complete control on your brand and products then you need an efficient eCommerce Software to stand out.

Why e-commerce Software is significant

When you run your own eCommerce website, your brand acquires an admirable authority in the shape of the domain name and your business get recognition through a legitimate entitlement.


You can customize your website according to your own taste and can introduce features and functionalities that are essential and worthy. You have an advantage of formulating the outlook of the website however, you want.

Payment gateways

The merchants have access to a wide range of payment gateway options to send and receive payments from its users. The transactions can be processed in a highly secured environment supported by multiple payment gateways like PayPal, MasterCard, Pay Gate, Coin Base and many more.

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Promoting the products to the target audience is crucial for an online store to achieve excellence and to get raise in the conversions. Meanwhile, eCommerce softwares provide various social media marketing and digital marketing opportunities to hit your target customers with discounts, coupons, and offers.

No deduction of fees

As concerned with the marketplaces, you cannot sell your products freely. You have to pay service charges and if your product is in their warehouse, you have to pay for that as well on monthly or annual basis. However, that is not the case in most of the eCommerce softwares. You own all the rights to sell your products with freedom.

No skills required

The eCommerce softwares give you an opportunity to utilize your own creativity. You do not have to be a programmer for setting up your online store, though if you have some basic knowledge then it will be advantageous. Most eCommerce softwares provide powerful building tools to configure an elegant online store.

For choosing eCommerce software, you have to select one from hundreds of options. If you are a newbie in eCommerce business, you may feel overwhelmed, as every other software seems trustworthy and loaded with numerous features. Here we have enlisted top ecommerce software that has proven to provide effective business solutions.


Considered as a versatile ecommerce based platform, Magento offers countless opportunities for online retailers to set up and grow their businesses. The free services from Magento are available for limited business scope and for monthly subscription packages; vendors can get access to the variety of options and tools to increase the productivity of business.

There are immense customization options to improve user interface and with highly efficient data visualization tools, you can track the progress of your store in real time.

You can also run multiple online stores simultaneously through single instance and can significantly increase your conversions rates.


To run a highly productive online business, Shopify offers you an excellent opportunity of listing your digital and physical products. The platform is feature-enriched with huge customization options. The platform provides a complete solution for an effective eCommerce business.

For setting up your online shop on this well-structured platform charges a minimal of as low as $9 per month. This fully hosted solution provides a complete control of your business domain.


The WooCommerce plugin is developed to expand the scope of WordPress platform that was previously known as a blogging platform. The WooCommerce platform has huge advantage from Wordpress themes that are available as an extensive solution for your website’s appearance and user friendliness.

The WooCommerce plugin is available free and all major payment gateways can be integrated to manage your online store’s transactions. With the support of huge library of plugins, you can further enhance the functionalities of your online business domain. WooCommerce Checkout Fields, Currency Switcher and Multilingual plugins are some of the worth mentioning tools for customizing user experience. Merchants can also avail the assistance from WordPress customer support and there are hundreds of tutorials available on the internet you can take help from.


PrestaShop is another widely used open source eCommerce platform that offers full-fledged services to run a successful online shop. PrestaShop has an active community of experts that will help you from choosing your hosting plans and to establishing your brand online. The software has a simple interface with no professional skills required to manage. Moreover, seamless version upgrades are performed gradually.

Final Words

All eCommerce platforms provide seamless approaches to sell your products online. However, choose the one that resonates with your business domain, have flexibility and should be packed with essential features to provide excellent user experience.

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Bilal Afzal

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