Attack on Titan: Where The Anime Strays From The Manga

Easily one of the best showcases of shounen anime in recent times, the  Attack on Titan we see animated on our screens had to go through an adaptation that causes some aspects of the anime to stray from the manga.

These divergences have resulted in a split of the fans’ opinions, with one portion seeing the televised adaptation as the superior storyteller, while others lean towards the manga because of its more detailed information.

Nobody knows for sure, but the difference between the Attack on Titan anime and manga is likely a result of creativity clashes. So without further ado, here they are.

The main protagonists are portrayed differently in the manga vs the anime series

Firstly, the anime series shows Aramin in a completely different light to the manga. The anime characterizes Armin as a fearful and submissive personality who later learns to use his intelligence as his sharpest tool. However, the manga gives him a different and more well-rounded character who doesn’t fold over too easily.

The same can be said of the anime’s portrayal of Eren. The comic gives a more holistic approach to revealing his character and shows him as someone who is driven by more than anger and the desire to eradicate Titans – a yearning for true freedom that he shares with his friend Armin.

The manga also describes Micasa in a different light. For one, she isn’t so obsessed with Eren in the manga as she is in the anime. Those who take the time to explore the manga will note that she socializes a lot more than what is depicted in the anime series.

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Eren does NOT beat Annie in their epic encounter in manga

This was a very climactic moment, however, the exact sequence of events that leads to Annie coating herself in “diamond” to avoid interrogation is where things start to differ quite a bit.

In the anime series, Eren gains the upper hand and defeats Annie as they fight it out in Titan form. However, in the comic, Eren comes out second-best and needs the intervention of the Survey Corps to get her into her crystal cocoon.

There are differences in the censorship

Being such a brutal animated series, one might find it a little hard to believe that the Attack on Titan anime toned down some of the gore found in the manga. For fans of that kind of sheer brutality, it makes for a very satisfying experience.

Kenny and the Ackerman clan are given more depth in the manga

The manga goes into more detail about Kenny’s history and that of the Ackerman clan, even dropping a few hints about Micasa’s history. Kenny is also depicted more as a multifaceted character rather than a person who is simply fueled by destructive desires.

Even his history with Levi and what led to a souring of their relationship gets a more detailed description in the manga series.


Attack on Titan is not the only anime title that strays slightly from the manga series. To reconcile these differences, one should consider that time is of the essence when it comes to television, animated or not.

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