12 Reasons Your Business Should Switch to WordPress

Today millions of websites are using the most popular CMS system that is WordPress. First introduced in 2003, WordPress has become one the most widely used open source website building tool. It was primarily designed to build awesome blogs, but later with the addition of versatile features, it has become most powerful platform to support dynamic websites. Keeping your website up to date is one of the biggest challenges many businesses face.

With diverse features and user-friendly admin panel, WordPress has offered more control and flexibility to make essential changes to your website. Let’s consider 12 main reasons why WordPress has become one of the favorite content management systems among businesses, and why you should switch to it.

Huge Theme Collection to Choose from

A template or theme of your website manipulates its outlook. The theme handles how the content you publish will look like. WordPress is well known for its huge theme collection to choose from. There is a variety of free and paid themes available for all the major as well as micro niches.

Over the past decade, WordPress has gained so much popularity for its feature-enriched themes. You can find these themes everywhere; from online marketplaces to personal shops, they are available with variety of features and in exquisite styles.  Whether you are running a real estate business or want to sell goods online, there are multiple themes available to offer your services with most advanced and stylish fashion.

Magnificent Support of Plugins

WordPress is considered a highly flexible platform with huge customization options available according to the user’s needs.  Its extreme flexibility can be determined with user’s access of variety of plugins. Also, hundreds of plugins are available for free that are sufficient enough to add necessary functionalities to your website. From website optimization plugins to social media integrations plugins, you will discover several of them meant to perform their dedicated functionalities. For instance, WooCommerce Registration Plugin is introduced to facilitate website managers to collect user data on signup forms. It allows adding custom options to acquire a variety of information like profile image, date of birth, interests and hobbies on the registration page. This data will later be beneficial for your marketing endeavors.

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Easy to Rank in Search Engines

To procure access to a huge number of target audiences, your business website should have to be fully SEO optimized. With Powerful hold of WordPress it has become easier than ever. With high versatility and capability to adapt new features, businesses are fascinated by this search engine friendly platform.

Sophisticated SEO tools in the shape of plugins and widgets are amendable to grow your business. Each SEO factor assists a lot in making your business website more prominent in the customer s eyes. If you are not familiar with SEO terms than your business website is at high stake, luckily WordPress holds your back by weaving SEO elements easily without much knowledge of the terms. There is no devoted team required to elevate your business.

Efficient Customer Support

A superior user experience is significant these days as businesses are competing with each other by providing instant responses against customer orders, requests and queries. In that case, if your business website faces functionality issues, the consequences can be overwhelming. WordPress efficient customer support handles these queries with great proficiency. WordPress customer support ticket is one of the widely used options by users to contact the development team to resolves their issues regarding any feature or functionality. There are numerous support ticket plugins available to integrate into your plugins directory. The users can also track the status of the submitted tickets.

Make a Full-Fledged Online Store

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin that assists merchants to run their online stores.  Fully enriched with multiple functionalities, WooCommerce is easy to setup. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, WooCommerce is available for free. There are hundreds of extensions ready to enhance the functionalities of your online store. You can showcase your products to sell or offer services to the potential clients, its vast analytic system can track your products, sales, number of visitors and much more. Sell either digital products or display physical products for sale; WooCommerce is there to accommodate all sorts of sellable products or services. You have a leverage of selling your products in bundles or packages.

Fully Optimized for Mobile Devices

A responsive design means your website’s appearance scaled to adjust multiple devices. As, more people access web through their smart devices, it is significant for the websites to be fully optimized for these devices. Luckily, these days all the WordPress themes are fully optimized for mobile phones, tablets and for desktop screens. You can also test run the responsiveness of your selected theme on your smartphones. In the development process of these theme designer communities highly take in consideration to design navigation menus, widgets and layouts to maintain its responsiveness when the screen size keeps on scaling down to mobile devices.

Multilingual Support

As, your business website is viewed worldwide by people belonging to various demographic locations, it is ideal to provide support for non-English users to get aware with your services in their native languages. Fortunately, it is possible with WordPress. There are themes with built-in multilingual functionality and plugins that perform the same job of making your website comprehensible to the massive community. Dealing with international customers not only allows you to build business relationships but also gives you an edge over your competitors. You can capture a huge market for your products or services and can grow your business even more.

It’s free of cost

Being an open source platform, availing its services doesn’t cost you a dime. However, you need to pay for extra features and functionalities provided by third party plugins and for themes offered by marketplaces other than official

There are tens of thousands of highly skillful developers that are contributing to make this platform more sophisticated and user-friendly. Anyone can take part in reporting bugs and errors in core theme files to an active community of dedicated developers that are responsible for leading the whole project and dig deeper to fix that.

Outstanding usability

When it comes to counting the usability factor of this platform, WordPress won’t let you down. Businesses that are utilizing services other than WordPress often complain about the complexity and difficulty of updating their websites. Well, WordPress has done an amazing job of making it easy for non-technical users to keep their websites up to date without any hassle. Notification about each new update appears in the admin dashboard that takes you to have the recent changes done and be on the updated version.  Developers also need to update their themes and plugins to make them compatible with the newer versions.

It’s safe and secure

Being a famous CMS platform makes the WordPress vulnerable to massive malicious attacks around the world. This doesn’t mean that your business website is always exposed to the online threats.  The WordPress, platform managers keep on updating the core software to make it highly secure against online attacks of advanced and evil black hat mafia. It is recommended to configure your site to update automatically when the core team releases new features or patches.

Easy integration

WordPress offers a seamless approach to integrate extra features and functionalities to provide additional boost to your business. Whether you want to integrate payment gateways to facilitate users buy your products in one go or make your site more user friendly by introducing social media Sharing buttons. All that can be done with ready to use plugins. You can also enhance the scope of your business website through marketing, reporting, analytics, shipping and management plugins. These plugins will not only save your time managing your products and in delivering your orders but will assist in creating brand awareness among potential customers.

Built-in blog functionality

As, mentioned before WordPress was first initiated as a blogging platform, it is a good idea to utilize that resource alongside with your business website. Now business marketers are highly utilizing content marketing strategies to thrive their business. When considering the SEO factors, a well written informative content can effectively generate traffic to your website and boost rankings of your website in search engines. It builds credibility of your brand among potential customers and provides leverage against your competitors.

Easy customization

You can also customize the appearance of your website as you want. As, WordPress is highly customizable, it is easy to make designed changes according to the needs of your business domain. Many themes comes with a flexible built-in options as well like changing the structure of your site, changing fonts and adding colors in header, footer and main body etc. Themes for dedicated niches like magazine, photography, wedding, real estate and much more are also present for sale in multiple marketplaces.


There are multiple reasons why WordPress is ideal for your business based on its numerous features, extra support and variety of tools to market your products or services. It is best content management system that not only saves your money but worth that investment over the long run. So tell us what do you think? Is switching your website to WordPress a good idea?

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