One Punch Man (Saitama) vs Superman

Could Saitama Really Beat DC's Man Of Steel?

One Punch Man’s Saitama goes head-to-head with ‘The Man of Steel’ aka Superman. Bizznerd examines the similarities and differences between the two super-powered superheroes to see who comes out on top.

Fans often compare two characters who are of similar ability. Comparisons between Superman and Goku have been made, even villains have been pitted against one another, with Marvel’s Thanos being set head-to-head against DC’s super menace, Darkseid.

Screw Attack’s Death Battle is pitting characters of similar ability from different universes against one another. There are various comparisons between characters being bandied about on the internet, though the chiefest who-beats-who debate has raged around the subject of Superman vs Goku.

With that having been settled twice the victor of that debate seems to, nowadays, seems to be getting ready for his next match-up. The Man of Steel, being the ultimate hero that he is, seems to have internet forums buzzing about whether or not he could hold his own against the severely underwhelmed Saitama.

Similarities between Saitama and Superman

It is almost no surprise that the pair of superheroes would have the world rally behind either one in a deathmatch. They are both the most powerful beings in their respective universes and there are few who can equal them in strength.

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Superman has super strength, immeasurable speed, as well as unnatural durability. Saitama boasts the same abilities, but that is the end of their similarity. The two characters are both very different.


Both Superman, and Saitama’s strength, speed, and durability come from different sources. While Superman derives his power from a yellow sun, Saitama, on the other hand, claims to have gained his speed through a regular training regime; 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats, and a 10km run a day.

While there are things that suggest that Saitama’s abilities could come from a different source, it is yet unconfirmed. In terms of character, The Man of Steel appears to carry the air of a Messianic figure. One who dutifully rises to the occasion, whatever the cost. Always striving to be an example for those who idolized him, he is usually depicted with an intense look on his face, complete with a furrowed brow.

Saitama, you could say, is the complete opposite of the Superman character. Saitama exists in a comedic world, so he was designed to poke fun at the typical superhero character. The fellow is often depicted in a very unserious stance, almost slouching, with his shoulders drawn slightly forward and back bent. Quite couch potato-esque.

The look on Saitama’s face, very telling of his frustration at his full abilities going unchallenged, show’s a state of perpetual boredom. He is less interested in his public image than Superman is, and finds the opinions of others quite bothersome.

So Who Wins?

Well that requires some discussing. Superman’s physiology is very different to the rest of humanity, as he is born of Krypton. Though Saitama may be strong, fast, and pretty-damn tough, he is, for the most part, still human.

That means he doesn’t have many of the powers that Superman comes packed with, which could give him an advantage. Though Saitama has stood up to blasts that would obliterate an ordinary human, Superman has survived the destruction of planets, and has gone into the Sun and come out in one piece.

So on paper, Superman would probably beat Saitama if they were to go at it. That conclusion stands until the true source, or a full measure, of Saitama’s power is revealed.

*Feature Image Courtesy of AntonTheBatman via DeviantArt.com

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