Hitman Sniper Assassins: Here’s Everything We Know

A mobile native rebirth of an iconic title

Hitman Sniper Assassins, a mobile-native rebirth of an iconic title. One that – according to SquareEnix Montreal’s executive producer – promises to “raise the bar for player expectations of mobile sniper games,”.

Earlier this year, during the company’s digital showcase the, Japanese video gaming and entertainment empire – Square Enix – revealed a teaser showing off the latest addition to the Hitman series’ mobile branches. It is a product of the same development team that brought us HitmanGo (2014) and Hitman Sniper (2015).

What’s Hitman Sniper All About?

Well, Hitman Sniper Assassins is primarily a mobile shooter with a focus on taking precision shots. Opposed to getting into all-out gun battles to achieve your objectives. However, this is still a Hitman title so there will be numerous approaches and methods to reaching and eliminating your targets. It promises much of the same enthralling adventures of a globe-trotting contract killer.

“Project Hitman Sniper Assassins will be an evolutionary leap forward for the genre, and we can’t wait for players to share our excitement when they get their hands on it in the coming months,” said Square Enix’s executive producer, Dominic Allaire.

However, there seems to be a major drift away from the norm. That will be visible in the storyline. The major change is that the Hitman Sniper Assassins game does not put players into the world of Agent 47. Instead, this game focuses on a group of snipers. You can unlock and add them to your team of assassins as you progress through the game. Each one of them is equipped with a unique set of weapons, skills, and backstories.

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And What About Actually Playing The Game?

As far as playing is concerned, the first order of business is the release date. In this regard, information is still very vague. A solid bit of intel is that Hitman Sniper Assassins is planned to release in 2021. Also, it may have a slightly different name on the release date, as “Sniper Assassins” is only a placeholder name.

The second question on people’s minds is, whether or not we’ll have to pay to enjoy Hitman Sniper Assassins? Once again, this is another point that the developers are yet to publicly address. However, when looking at the company’s previous offerings – with Hitman Sniper’s in-game currency that’s used for rifles and upgrades in mind, It may be safe to expect to see a similar approach to in-app purchases in the coming release.

Thankfully, the one bit of information that has some modicum of certainty to it is that Hitman Sniper Assassins will feature some kind of multi-player activities. Though nothing specific about this aspect of the game has come from the developers.

So far, this makes up all the information about Hitman Sniper Assassins that have been made available. So mobile gamers can only wait for further updates or the game’s pending release for download on AppStore and Google Play.

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