Valorant- Gekko’s Abilities Explained

Why Gekko could be the best Initiator on Valorant. 

With the release of the latest Valorant episode, Revelation comes a new Agent. This episode came with a new initiator, Gekko. Hailing from Los Angeles, USA, Gekko is a Spanish skater teen with a bubbly personality. Gekko is a unique agent. All of his abilities involve using different summons. He is generally valuable for assisting teammates with pushing back enemies and initiating fights. We outline everything you should know before playing with Gekko in this article.


His signature ability is called Dizzy. When you use FIRE, it sends it floating in the air and shoots blinding plasma blasts at enemies. Multiple enemies can be simultaneously hit by this ability but will turn into a globule upon expiring. Enemies can force Dizzy into a globule by shooting it down. It will stay in globule form for 20 seconds before disappearing. During these 20 seconds, Gekko can retrieve the ability for reuse after a cool down of 10 seconds.
gekko dizzy

One of his normal abilities is Moshpit. Moshpit is a molly ability. He throws Moshpit using the same mechanics Kay/o uses to throw his molly. Gekko’s molly detonates after hitting the floor, dealing quick ticks of damage over a short time. The detonation consists of the inner radius, dealing maximum damage, and the outer radius, dealing less damage. The windup time before detonating lasts three seconds to let enemies escape before taking damage. The inner radius does 150 damage, and the outer does 75 damage. This molly also inflicts reduced damage to allies.

moshpit dizzy

His final ability is Wingman, arguably the most special ability in Valorant. When you FIRE using Wingman, he will run forward, searching for enemies. If the Wingman hits a wall, he will bounce off and continue on another path. Once locating an enemy, it will follow them. Once close enough, it will stop and clap its hands- concussing any enemies in front.
Using ALT FIRE targeting a planted or spike will send the Wingman to defuse it. If used when possessing the spike, Wingman will go onto the site and plant for you. After defusing or planting, Wingman will expire, causing it to turn into a globule. Enemies can also shoot Wingman to prevent him from planting/defusing the spike.

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gekko wingman

Ultimate of Gekko

Finally, Gekko’s ultimate ability is Thrash. You need to obtain seven ult points to use Thrash. Once equipping the ability, using FIRE will connect Gekko will gain remote control of the ability. Thrash always moves forward- you can only steer and jump while controlling it. Upon activation, Thrash will launch forward and explode. The explosion will detain anyone in the radius (including Gekko and any allies). Enemies can shoot and force Thrash into a globule before it activates.

gekko trash
In-game Use of Gekko’s Abilities

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