Top 16 Popular HR Management Software!

In the business management practice, a variety of HR technologies and software solutions are used.

These comprehensive HRM software solutions allow the HR department to meet the expectations of the employees and maximize the company profits. These are designed with the sole purpose of providing a clear picture of any organizational structure.  

Such programs are able to provide timely and reliable information that is needed to reduce costs and improve return on investment on staff. So, let’s have a look at these following ‘15’ popular HR management software solutions.

Store4 is a popular sales automation software solution. Store4 is easy to use cloud application where you can manage entire order / billing / shipping process smoothly.

This software combines employees and HR related data to manage human resources activity. It contains the details on salary, time off, documents, training, and more. A free mobile app, suitable for all size of companies to track payroll. This platform also supports six different languages.  

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With Zoho People, you can manage employee attendance, time off and time sheets more efficiently. It enables IP restrictions for employees to check-in and out. This increases data accuracy & reduces the paperwork.


HRM Wage is a complete mobile integrated system, cloud-based human resource management for all companies. This fully integrated suite features HR, payroll, benefits, talent management, time & labor management, and HR analytics capabilities.  

Calamari has an efficient attendance management. It gives timesheets, reports and employee monitoring tools to manage the workforce. It makes the HR and people management system easier to empower entrepreneurs to develop businesses.  

With Gusto, you can transform the entire hiring process into a more efficient, paperless process. And Gusto also offers payroll, benefit administration modules, integration, time tracking applications, create organizational charts, conduct employee surveys, etc.

SentricWorkforce is a cloud-based complete HR and payroll management solution that allows all size companies to manage all their HR processes. It offers HRIS, Employee Self Service (ESS), payroll management, end-to-end recruitment management, talent management, and reporting capabilities.  

LBi HR Helpdesk is a cloud-based
HR management software and call-tracking workflow solution that helps companies to manage employees. It provides an integrated helpdesk solution and weekly or monthly reports of employees detailed analytics and metrics.

WebHR is quite comprehensive, covering every stage, starting with hiring. The social media function of this software facilitates employee through messaging, status updates, etc. Employees can apply for leave, submit a reimbursement request and even make an application for dismissal online.

JazzHR can take the hassle-free hiring by replacing time-consuming tasks. It replaces the email and spreadsheets with a powerful and easy to use applicant tracking system. It organizes all of your information in one, centralized place.

Paycor Perform is an all-in-one, cloud-based human resource software which includes tools for managing recruiting, onboarding, employee records, time & attendance, benefits, payroll, tax compliance, and more. Solutions are available for all sizes organizations.

This information management module has an aim to simplify and automate the whole HR information system. The system offers users to manage a database of employees in a secure environment with leave and attendance features.  

Paylocity is an online payroll and human capital management solution for all sizes businesses. It also includes administration, time & labor, and talent management. The self-service capabilities of this system enable employees to access their information.  

PurelyHR is an online HRIS system. The solution comprises four standalone products like core HRIS, time-off, time-clock, and warnings. Users can purchase them as an integrated single suite. Employees can also log into their portal at any time and view all the details.

APS Online is a cloud-based HR system helps businesses to improve workforce management and mitigate compliance risk. A scalable, payroll and time & attendance management is best to manage HR based activities. It improves workforce engagement.

This ultimate Software UltiPro is a cloud-based HR platform that includes payroll, and talent management. It allows employees to access and manage their personal, pay, and benefits information. Through this, the HR administrators can easily and efficiently calculate and process payroll with accuracy.

Bottom Line

In this tutorial, you got an overview of the popular HRM software for all size business, and you saw what features to look for and how to make the right choice for your company.

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