Super Mario Maker

While we are waiting for Super Mario Maker 2 to show up, let's remember what is Super Mario Maker like.

Accessible Level Toolkit

„You never know what to expect in any given level of Super Mario Maker“, Jose Otero twitted. Yes, he is correct. With the ability to custom create maps, and share amongst players has given a Super Mario new frontiers.
Super Mario maker is a unique celebration of Nintendo’s iconic mascot. It is also an incredibly accessible level construction kit. One where you can easily spend hours creating stages or playing levels made by a passionate community of serious fans.
Creating levels is an intimidating task, but the well design interface makes the learning easy and intuitive. Each piece of this, do it yourself toolkit is well thought out with smart button-based shortcuts and simple drag and drop controls .
Despite the overall goal of keeping everything simple, Super Mario is a powerful toolkit that helps you build fun courses. However, the fact you can’t place a checkpoint is baffling. You are forced to finish a level on one life. Sadly, not even the original super Mario brothers which the company released in 1985. was that cruel. But, super Mario maker is not just level creator.

Personalize Super Mario

The ability to personalize your stage with special custom costumes or custom sounds, adds another layer of personality to your creations. The simple stylish interface makes it possible to build almost anything you want and the self-discoveries made during the process transform the act of creation into something that feels like a game itself. But most novel part of Super Mario Maker comes from how quickly and seamlessly jumps between stage creator and play.

Mario, Princess is in another castle…

Super Mario is a celebration. 3. decades of Mario united into one accessible and powerful creation tool. The perpetual joke at the end of every ten Mario challenge run informing you that the princess is yet another castle hints at Mario makers bigger promise. To upgrade everything, that is why we are so anxious to get a hand of Super Mario Maker 2. There will always be more levels to play, thanks to the online creative community and virtually an endless pool of challenges to overcome.

Final words

This is yet another fun game you can play on a single screen in co-op style with your friends or family. While we are eagerly waiting to get a hold of a copy of Super Mario Maker 2, we’ll continue to play this – should we start calling it an „old“ Super Mario already?

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Super Mario Maker Review

Graphics - 9.5
Gameplay - 10
Sounds & Music - 9


Super game!

Excellent game that you can play single player and also co-op.

Super Mario 2
User Rating: 4.5 ( 1 votes)

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