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Paybis offers a wide range of different payment methods to buy and sell Bitcoin and other crypto.

You can buy Bitcoins directly on Paybis with credit or debit card or any payment method which suits you the best. Their goal is to provide customers with a secure trading platform with 24/7 live support

Registration and Verification on Paybis

It is easy to register on Paybis and that can be achieved in a single mouse click. You can use your Facebook or Google account to sign up for their services quickly and securely. In order to complete registration, you still need to confirm your email address.

There are different Verification tiers. Once you sign in you can still buy crypto with Bitcoin, Advanced Cash, Perfect Money and Payeer. But if you want to add more options like purchase crypto with Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Skrill you’ll need to provide additional information. There are 3 tiers of verification and each has its own daily/weekly/monthly limit depending on the payment method you would like to use.

Paybis requests customer to go through a verification process which consists of ID verification and residence address in order to prevent fraud attempts and follow AML policies. This is to protect customer funds from unauthorized usage and to prevent money laundering and cyber terrorism.

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At the same time, they respect privacy promise all information you provide them is kept securely on their servers that are not connected to the public web.

Normally it takes 10-20 mins to get verified while making the first transaction if you fill in all information required correctly and you upload good quality pictures.


The level 1 verification is mandatory to use the platform. This includes providing personal information (like name, date of birth, address, ID numbers). You also need to provide a copy of your documents to them. For level 2 verification you need to provide them with a selfie of your IDs and a proof of your address. For level 3 verification they also require additional documentation for your bank account and a minimum amount of completed transaction on the platform.

Although generically speaking you are required to verify your identity when using the platform, there are some exceptions you can still buy bitcoin without verification. There are a few methods available to buy Bitcoin without verification. gift cards do not require verification. Additionally, the level 1 verification for Perfect Money, Advanced Cash and Payeer payment methods are granted automatically, thus you can make purchases of Bitcoin without verification up to specific amounts.

Verification limits are depending on the payment method you would like to use. For Visa/MasterCard credit/debit cards, limits are USD 20,000/50,000 per week/month. For other digital wallet payments like Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, and others, they allow up to USD/EUR 500,000 per week. With Bank Transfers EUR/USD/RUB Paybis allows up to USD 200,000 of purchases per week or equivalent in other currencies.

Paybis does not support every single country in the world. Due to local legislation, Paybis does not provide services to the residents of certain US states (New York (NY), Georgia (GA), Connecticut (CT), New Mexico (NM), Washington (WA), Hawaii (HI)) and some other countries due to international trade agreements. Make sure you check out the list of restricted countries on their website before signing up.

Paybis Features

Features on Paybis

The most impressive feature of Paybis is the variety of payment methods they offer. You can pay with Visa and Mastercards, SEPA or bank wire transfers. But they also offer a lot of different alternative payment option, such as paying with Amazon gift cards or Skrill, Yandey, Perfect Money funds.

You can even earn extra cash through their lucrative referral program. 10% of the profit is shared after each transaction done by your referral. In addition to this, they have a multi-tier system which means you are earning commissions after those referrals which are an affiliate to your first level referral.

Paybis Rates

Fees on Paybis

Before engaging into a deal on Paybis, make sure you check the fees and commissions on their rates sheet. The fee structure is a bit complicated so make sure you take the time to understand what you are dealing with.

Each payment method comes with a different fee which is based on a % commission and sometimes a flat fee added to this. Flat fees can increase your base costs during a small number of purchases. The price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is depending thus on the payment method you choose. Paybis tried to be transparent as much they could be on the fees side, so you can see next to each payment method how much will that purchase cost to you after the commissions and fees are deducted. The price of Bitcoin and other cryptos are also varying depending on if you are buying or selling.

Trading on Paybis

The initial step of purchasing Bitcoin should be to create a wallet. Paybis does not store the cryptos for you, they advise you to create your own wallet to ensure maximum safety. There are a lot of wallets provide you can find on the market, any kind of wallet will be good which you have access to, so you have the 24 characters long public key.

After this, you only need to go through some simple steps in order to buy Bitcoin on Paybis. Similarly, you will go through the same steps when you are selling Bitcoin on Paybis.

  1. Select Bank Transfer, Credit card or Debit card on the left-side column, depending on which one you want to use
  2. Select Bitcoin (or any other crypto) you would like to purchase
  3. Enter the amount you would like to buy
  4. Complete the transaction

When you are selecting the payment method to choose something that is legal in your country and the fees are reasonable. There are also payment methods that are available in some countries, while in others they are not. Paybis helps you buy Bitcoin with regular money like USD, EUR, GBP using a wide range of payment methods, such as Credit and Debit cards, Bank Transfers in EUR (SEPA), Bank Transfers (USD), Advanced Cash, Payeer, Skrill, Neteller, and Perfect Money.

To complete your first purchase, input the amount of Bitcoin you are willing to purchase and enter your wallet address so you can receive your purchased Bitcoins. Make sure you provide an address here which you can access, Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, so if you have entered an incorrect address your coins could be lost forever.

Press the buy button and your newly acquired Bitcoin will be sent and stored in your digital wallet.

It usually takes a few minutes to complete a purchase and, once the amount is sent and confirmed on the blockchain, it will be visible in your wallet.

After you start a transaction to purchase a cryptocurrency on Paybis the timeframe to complete a payment is fixed for 30 minutes. During the initial 30 minutes timeframe, the amount of cryptocurrency being purchased is fixed. Once 30 minutes have passed, the price in the background will be re-calculated and show a new cryptocurrency amount. This model ensures that even under volatile market conditions client will receive the exact amount of cryptocurrency they see at the start of the transaction.

Support on Paybis

Paybis provides support services 24/7, they are proud of the response time on all platform. According to the website, the average response time to online chats is ~15 seconds, and for account verification requests is ~60 mins. They suggest you to carefully read all information provided to on the website while performing actions and in emails that you receive afterwards to remove unnecessary idle time for waiting for support responses.

The site has just been translated into 5 new languages in 2019. Now you can read the instructions and trade beyond English in Spanish, Italian, French, German and Portuguese as well. They are also planning to add new translations to the site in the coming months.

Although the site is translated, please note that live support is still provided in English, Latvian and Russian languages only.

Security on Paybis

Paybis have turned on the possibility to add ratings to their Facebook page this means anyone who has a Facebook profile can rate their service which they cannot modify. This ensures that even bad reviews stay on the page, but unfortunately also means that anyone can comment with a Facebook account, regardless if they have truly used the service. Out of 18 opinions, their service is rated at 3.8/5. There were two users complaining about their service so far. Their issue was that Paybis asked for personal documents before the transactions. On the other hand, apart from these complaints, there are no real complaints about their services, nobody reported that they got scammed using their services and their Trustpilot rating is very high as well.

Paybis does not store any cryptocurrency on behalf of you. When you purchase the coins, the cryptocurrency is transferred directly into the wallet of yours. This reduces the risk of a hacking incident where the funds of the clients would be stolen from the exchange.

They do not have a 2FA security layer, so the password protection is the only gate on the site. Paybis stores offline all client-related information, not on public servers.

Pros and Cons of Paybis


  • a lot of different payment method
  • purchase prices are set for 30 minutes
  • Trustpilot reviews


  • high commissions and fees
  • some US states are not supported
  • EUR bank transfers are not supported outside of the European Union


Paybis support buying and selling six different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Neo. They offer a great variety of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, bank wire transfers but they also support gift cards and paying with alternative payment processors, like Skrill and Webmoney. They require verification for cryptocurrency purchases to comply with AML regulations, but they are trying their best to shorten the time needed for verification. The online reviews about Paybis are fairly positive about the company, the only drawback is the higher fees which are really depending on the payment method you choose.

Paybis Exchange Review

Currency Support - 8.3
Online Reputation - 8.4
Fees - 7.5
Customer Support - 8.4
Referral Program - 8.9


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