Outlaws – Star Wars open-world game

Additional details regarding Ubisoft's approach to an open-world Star Wars game, as well as the collaboration with Lucasfilm and its integration within the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Outlaws is an upcoming game from Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment that features a heist, but this time, it doesn’t involve Han Solo and Chewbacca. The game offers an open-world adventure across multiple planets all leading up to a major job.

Although Outlaws moves away from the iconic intergalactic smuggler, it introduces a new quirky duo to the Star Wars universe: Kay Vess and Nix. These characters are entirely fresh to the Star Wars franchise, adding a new dynamic to the game’s narrative. As information on the various Star Wars projects can get complex due to the Expanded Universe and canon, this game stands out with its distinct characters and setting.

The game’s new moon setting, Toshara, is an exciting addition that promises unique and diverse gameplay. As the development progresses, more details about Star Wars Outlaws and its characters will likely be revealed.

Release date of Star Wars Outlaws

Ubisoft set the Star Wars Outlaws release date in 2024. Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment revealed the game during the 2023 Summer of Gaming. However, the exact release date remains unspecified. Codenamed “Project Helix,” the game was initially planned for a March 2024 release, falling within that fiscal year. However, due to the ambitious nature of the project, sources are uncertain about meeting that timeline, and the game might instead launch sometime between April 2024 and March 2025.

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Star Wars Outlaws is confirmed to be released on PC, though no official word has been given regarding third-party storefronts like Steam or the Epic Games Store. Ubisoft has historically favored its own launcher, Ubisoft Connect, for PC releases. As the release date approaches, more specific information about the launch window and supported platforms is expected to be provided by Ubisoft.

Open world

In a recent interview with IGN, the creative director Julian Gerighty enthusiastically revealed exciting details about ‘Star Wars Outlaws,’ an upcoming open-world game. Gerighty emphasized that this game would mark the first-ever Star Wars open-world experience, immersing players in a scoundrel adventure of epic proportions.

The development team aimed to capture the essence of childhood dreams with ‘Star Wars Outlaws,’ creating a gaming journey that Star Wars fans have longed for. Players will have the freedom to explore a vast and immersive galaxy, traversing different planets, systems, and deep-space landscapes. Iconic speeders and spaceships will be at the players’ disposal, allowing for exciting and varied means of travel. Alternatively, players can opt for a more grounded approach and explore on foot.

Gameplay in Star Wars Outlaws

Recent gameplay footage demos showcased the dynamic navigation system within the game’s vast universe. Players will experience the seamless teamwork of the main characters, Kay and Nix, as they skillfully tackle obstacles, demonstrating their unique abilities in firefights and stealth missions. Kay wields her blaster with finesse, engaging in intense battles, while Nix operates covertly, unlocking paths and evading dangerous encounters.

Ubisoft’s preview footage unveils several exciting gameplay features, including the ability to seamlessly pivot between third-person shooting and stealth mechanics. Nix will play a crucial role in both battles and puzzle-solving, aiding in uncovering hidden secrets throughout the journey.

To customize the gameplay experience further, you can equip Kay’s blaster with upgradeable modules, offering tactical versatility in combat situations. Additionally, Kay possesses various abilities and equipment that players can utilize strategically.

Exploring the galaxy becomes a thrilling adventure with a wide range of vehicles at your disposal. This includes everything from nimble Speeders to powerful spaceships. Every decision you make as Kay holds weight, impacting your standing in the world. The game’s wanted system dynamically influences the Empire’s aggression towards Kay, adding a layer of consequence to your actions.

Rough story outline

In the Imperial Era, where the grip of the Empire tightens its hold on the galaxy, a new story unfolds. Amidst the ongoing conflict between the Sith regime and the Rebel forces, smaller syndicates seize the opportunity to rise to power, establishing control over their own corners of the underworld.

The narrative centers around a daring thief named Kay Vess, who is accompanied by her lizard companion, Nix. Together, they embark on daring heists, navigating the dangerous world of crime and deception. However, the stakes are high as a considerable bounty hangs over Kay’s head.

Conclusion about Star Wars Outlaws

Everyone is looking forward to the first-ever open-world Star Wars experience. However, they haven’t published much information. And also, the development team is clearly facing some troubles considering they pushed back the launch. But on the bright side, it shows that they dearly care about the launch. We are sure they want to deliver the best product possible.

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