New Armor Trims in Minecraft – Everything we know

Armor trims are the latest announcement for Minecraft 1.20, what are they?

Minecraft, the massively popular sandbox game, has released a new feature that has been a hit among players: Armor Trims. Here is what Armor Trims are, how to use them, and where to find them:

What are Armor Trims?

Armor Trims are cosmetic items that you apply to armor pieces in Minecraft. They provide a unique way to personalize your character’s armor and give you a distinct look from others. They come in many unique patterns, ranging from simple lines to intricate shapes, and can be crafted or found in the game.

Where to Find them?

You can find them in a variety of places. One way to obtain them is by trading with villagers. Armorers in villages can sell them for emeralds, making it a convenient way to get some trims without needing to explore.

Players can also find them in treasure chests. Look in various locations such as dungeons, temples, and abandoned mineshafts! If you’re lucky, you might come across a chest that contains especially rare or unique Trims.

You can also duplicate them, making it easier to use the same trim. To duplicate, you will need seven diamonds with the material the trim is made of.

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How to Use Armor Trims?

Using armor trims is a relatively simple process. First, go into a smithing table and select the trim you want to use along with the armor piece. Place the Armor Trim in the slot beside the armor piece in the crafting grid. Then place a material you want to apply with the pattern. The resultant armor will have the trim engraved with the color of the used material.

The materials you can apply to armor pieces using trims are:

It’s important to note that adding the trim to an armor piece will not affect its defense. The new armor piece will still provide the same level of protection. It will solely serve as a decorative modification.

Concluding thoughts

To summarise, Armor Trims are a fun new cosmetic addition to Minecraft that allows players to add a personal touch to their appearance. You can use them with a smithing table and trade with villagers to obtain them. Chests scattered in the different locations in the game can also spawn with armor trims. This new update gives players a fun reason to explore their world more and trade with villagers. We hope to see many more cosmetic changes that let players distinguish themselves in the future!

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