League of Legends Beginner Guide

League of Legends, or LoL for short, is a very popular game in the Moba genre. It was inspired by a mod of Warcraft 3, called DotA and was released in 2009. If you like Warcraft, Dota 2 and strategy games, you will love this game too.

This game is one of the most-watched games on Twitch and it is also one of the largest electronic competition games. In 2014, this game had 67 million players per month and 27 million players per day, and more than 7.5 million active players per hour!

Now, if you are not familiar with this game and Moba-style games and you want to play League for the first time, you should know that it may be very difficult for newcomers. This tutorial will teach you everything you need to get started:

Game Map


The main map of the game is called Summoner’s Rift and it has three main lines and a forest. The blue team is at the bottom of the map and the red team is at the top of the map. Each has 5 players starting from the fountain. In the first 15 seconds of the game, members of both teams cannot leave the fountain, after the end of 15 seconds, everyone can freely start surfing around the map. After 1 minute, the minions start spawning and the game begins.


League of Legends Nexus

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Nexus is the most important goal of both teams. You can pursue other sub-goals, but to win you must destroy the Nexus. There are other targets on the way to the Nexus that you must destroy, such as towers and inhibitors. Two towers are located on the front of the Nexus and you cannot damage the Nexus until you destroy them.


League of Legends Towers

Towers are a defense system that harms the opposing team. If the enemy is stronger than you, most of the time the towers will stop them from following you. In addition to defense, towers increase your visibility and expose enemies and invisible traps. The attack system of the towers is such that they can only attack one enemy at a time. Each enemy force that enters it first becomes the main target of the tower. If that target is killed or out of sight of the tower, it will find a new target. Since the purpose of these towers is defense, if the enemy force damages you under your team tower, the tower will focus on that enemy force. If a large number of enemy forces are in sight of the tower, the tower targets as follows:

Cannon Minions or Super Minions
Melee Minions
Caster Minions
Opponent team player

In Summoner’s Rift map each team has 11 towers, you have to destroy at least 5 towers to win. The layout of the towers on the map is as follows:

Three towers in Top Lane, Mid Lane, and Bot Lane
Two towers on the front of the Nexus

In each lane, the towers are divided into three groups:

Outer Turret: Located in the middle of the Lane.
Inner Turret: Located In front of the inner towers.
Inhibitor Turret: Located at the beginning of the Lane and takes care of the Inhibitor.

Features of towers

For example, you must first destroy the Outer Turret to reach the Inner Turret, then you must destroy the Inner Turret to reach the Inhibitor Turret, and finally destroying the Inhibitor Turret, you can destroy the Inhibitor of that Lane.

Towers have their own features which are as follows:

  • In the first 5 minutes of the game, the Top and Mid Lane towers are equipped with Fortification, which reduces the damage to them by 50%.
  • In the first 14 minutes of the game, all Outer Turrets are equipped with Turret Plating. Turret Plating divides the tower health bar into 5 sections. By destroying each bar you get gold. You also activate the Bulwark effect, which greatly increases the tower defense system for 20 seconds. The amount of this defense increases based on the number of players near the tower. If you destroy another bar in less than 20 seconds, the effects will accumulate and their time will be reset. If you cannot destroy the strips before 14 minutes, the Turret Plating will be destroyed and you can no longer get gold by destroying them.
  • All turrets have Ohmwrecker capability, which allows their attacks to pass through the enemy armor and enemy forces can not escape the attacks of turrets unless they are Untargetable. Successful Turret attacks also cause 40% to 120% extra damage to players. By changing the target of the tower, this effect will not be removed from the players. But after 3 seconds, this effect will be reset again.
  • All turrets have the Warden’s Eye feature, which allows enemies and invisible traps to be detected by entering the view of the towers.
  • All turrets have Reinforced Armor capability, which makes them 66% less damaged if the Minion or Rift Herald is not close to them.



There are 4 types of Minion in the game:

  • Melee Minions: They are the simplest type of Minions, they have a somewhat tank mode, and they must be close to the target to be able to damage it.
  • Caster Minions: It is easier to kill this type of Minion. They can damage the target from a distance.
  • Siege Minions: They have a tank mode and they can attack from a distance and do more damage, but their number is less than other Minions.
  • Super Minions: They are the strongest and most tank type of Minions. In order to damage the target, they must be close to it. These types of minions do not normally spawn, but if you can destroy one of the inhibitors, this type of minion will start spawning in that lane instead of the Siege Minion until the inhibitor of that lane is repaired.

Minions are essential for the two basic principles of Farm and Trade.


League of Legends Farming

In simple terms, Laning means playing against an opponent in one of the three available Lanes. Your goal in the Laning phase depends on the Champion you choose and the opponent’s Champions. From now on, LoL gets a little harder and you have to play a few hands to better understand.

Each match has two basic principles: Farming and Trading

  • Trading: means to inflict damage and receive damage. When you trade with your opponent, you damage him with a Base Attack or one of your Champion’s special abilities.

When you hurt an Opponent’s player, the Minions around the opponent change their target and attack you. That’s why trading is not so simple and you have to pay attention to the opponent’s minions.

So try not to get involved with your opponent when he has more Minions than you because you will get more damage when fighting. Of course, over time, with experience, you can better decide when to get involved.

  • Farming: You get Gold every time you kill someone (Minion, Monster, Opponent,…). Gold is a very important unit and will help you a lot in becoming a Champion. So you can earn more gold by killing your opponent’s Minions, and if you farm more than your opponent, you will become stronger than him faster (a word from a street master). Also, keep in mind that you will only receive Gold when you hit the final hit.


league of legends summoners rift jungle Area

The jungle is part of the Summoner’s Rift map that fills the space between the lanes. The Jungle is divided into four sections, two for the blue team and the other two for the red team, both of which have 6 unique monsters: Gromp, Blue Sentinel, Murk Wolfs, Raptors, Red Brambleback, Krugs.

There are a number of special monsters near the river and they are called Neutral Objective, these monsters are: The Dragons, Rift Herald, Baron


hextech chemtech drakes dragons

There are 5 types of dragons. Each elemental dragon has its own special effects and features. The elemental dragon is spawned every 5 minutes after being killed. The first elemental dragon also spawns 5 minutes after the start of the game.

The elder dragon is the second most important jungle objective

Also keep in mind that the third element dragon that becomes Spawn changes the shape of the map. Whenever each team can kill 4 elemental dragons, the soul receives the most type of elemental dragon they have killed.

  • Infernal Drake: Increases the power of abilities and the amount of damage from attacks. The fiery dragon spirit allows your attack to create a small explosion after every 3 seconds, with varying degrees of damage depending on your level.
  • Mountain Drake: Increases armor and resistance to magic. The spirit of the mountain dragon allows gives you a shield when you are not harmed for 5 seconds, which remains until it is destroyed, the health of the shield depends on your level.
  • Ocean Drake: Improves your lost health by a small amount per second. The spirit of the ocean dragon allows you to improve your health by successfully attacking the enemy for 3 seconds, although attacking the Minions fills less health.
  • Elder Dragon: Whenever you damage the enemy, except for the damage you have done, the enemy gets damaged over time. Also, whenever you damage enemies whose health rate is less than 20%, you kill them on the spot! After killing the ancient dragon, all members of the team will receive 250 Gold. The one who hits the final blow will receive an additional 100 Gold.

Rift Herald

Rift Herald LoL

The Rift Herald is a tank monster that has a major weakness to make it easier to kill. There is a big eye behind him and when this eye is open and you attack him from behind, he gets a lot of damage. After killing the Rift Herald, you receive him as the Buff and it temporarily replaces your Trinket until you use it.

When you use this Buff, the Rift Herald spawns where you specify and acts like a tame animal and attacks enemies. When the Rift Herald approaches the enemy tower, it charges itself firmly hitting the Tower and doing a lot of damage to it.

The Rift Herald spawns 8 minutes after the start of the game and responds every 6 minutes after death. Also, 20 minutes after the start of the game, the Rift Herald replaces Baron.

Baron Nashor LoL

  • Baron

Baron is a very powerful monster that you need a lot of teammates to kill. After killing it, your power will increase temporarily.

Killing the Baron will greatly increase the damage and power of your attacks and the abilities of you and your teammates, and make the Minions around you stronger.

Baron spawns 20 minutes after the start of the game and respawns every 6 minutes after death. By killing it, all team members will receive 300 Gold.


league of legends summoners rift Roles

There are 5 roles in the game in which each team member must choose a role. Each Role typically tends to have several different ranges of Champions, but you can definitely choose any Champion you like.

  • Top Lane: Most tank champions and juggernauts are used.
  • Jungle: Different champions can be picked for this role, but most Assassin and Tank champions are used.
  • Mid Lane: For this role, only the Champass of Assassin, Spell Caster, and Utility classes are used.
  • Bot Lane: For this role, only Marksman and Ranged Champions are used.
  • Support: Like Top Lane, most tank champions and juggernauts are used for this role. The role of this role is to support Bot Lane Champions.


League of Legends ItemShop

You have to spend the gold you earn, in the Fountain of each team, there is an Item Shop where you can buy different items. The items you have to buy depend on the Champion and the Role you play. Of course, to begin with, it is better to buy your own items offered by the store, but over time and with your own experience, you can identify the most appropriate items, their order, and composition.

The Final Word

League of Legends is a game full of points and to get better you have to keep playing and gain experience. Of course, these many tips and rules have made the game so enjoyable. The further you go in the game, you’ll start playing against harder opponents, LoL Smurfs, and real pros. Remember, the more points and rules appear based on your experience, and the game becomes equally better and more enjoyable.


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