Innovations in Construction Tech to Watch in 2019

Today's fast-paced global market is all about innovation.

Companies that follow the tech industry and keep up with the latest trends manage to stay ahead of the competition by improving productivity and offering a variety of new products and services to their customers. The construction industry is no different in this regard. Here are a few innovations that will have the biggest impact in 2019.

New concrete

Concrete remains one of the most important components of modern construction. Therefore, it’s no wonder that many companies invest a lot of money on research and development of new concrete. This year the two most important breakthroughs are self-healing concrete and the so-called Smart Slab construction solution.

Self-healing concrete, as the name suggests, uses a biodegradable additive to autonomously fill in fractures. Cracks in the concrete involve manual intervention which is both expensive and time-consuming. This new product lowers the cost of the repairs significantly while at the same time making concrete structures safer and increasing their longevity.

One of the biggest problems when working with concrete is density and therefore weight. Smart Slab is a new technology that solves some of those problems by allowing production of an ultra-light ceiling that is about an inch thick and half the weight of typical concrete. This allows construction companies to save on material and at the same time make the construction process faster.

Cooling system in bricks

Students at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia have managed to create a new material with a cooling effect. The material uses a combination of clay and hydrogel and is able to reduce the indoor temperature by up to 6 degrees Celsius. The hydrogel has the ability to absorb water up to 500 times its weight. When the temperature goes up the absorbed water is released as vapor taking with it energy from the heat and living the structure cooler. This technology could vastly change the way we think about air conditioning.

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Better management software

The digital era has produced a number of new software that makes management and logistic processes in large construction companies easier to handle and less time-consuming. Using artificial intelligence makes it possible for companies to better analyze their operations and detect inefficiencies which can lead to decreasing performance. Another great innovation is cloud computing which makes data cheaper and accessible from any location that has internet. Switching to cloud servers also makes data storage safer and reduces operational expenses. In Australia, a lot of companies choose to rent expensive equipment like cranes, trucks, and excavators. And all these software tools make equipment management much easier given that there are a lot of businesses that provide reliable crane hire in Melbourne. Software that tracks when certain equipment has been rented, and for how long, as well as automatic systems that warn when maintenance is required, have vastly improved the management process in the construction industry.


The usage of robots has changed a lot of industries and the construction business is no exception. Sure, robots have been around for a while now but never have they been as efficient as now. Robots don’t get tired and can work both day and night which means that important structure, like bridges, can be built at a much faster pace. The most important improvement comes in the form of precision. Robots have become much more reliable when it comes to building structures that require a huge amount of accuracy. The use of mobile robots and flying drones has made construction work much safer as dangerous tasks can now be handled by remotely controlling machines.

These are just a few new technologies that will shape the construction industry in 2019. There are many more new ideas out there, and even more that are being currently explored and developed. Technology moves fast and the future looks promising for companies who successfully manage to implement some of these new ideas.

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